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  1. There is a readme within the archive. You will need to put the files in project zomboid/media/maps/Muldraugh KY (Sorry if the directory is wrong, I can't remember the specific location out of my head right now) okay i did that, now how do i tell if it's installed in the game properly? it doesn't show up in the maps in-game
  2. Here we go. I was waiting for it long enough, but nobody seemed to start making it so, I thought : "Why the hell not?". Right now I'm working on the exterior look of the prison, will be adding interior details fairly soon. Images of progress for older versions : The prison is pretty much finished! Download link v3.1 (IWBUMS 31.3+, Vanilla map only) Don't forget to make backups! how do you install it?
  3. Thank you for getting the statistics to back up my statement(s) i made
  4. Blood in the game is amazing. People must not think the blood in the human body is miniscule. You ever kill a squirrel? You know how much blood comes out of one? Enough let me just say that.Upon killing a human or "the walking dead" the victim or zed would lose a lot of blood depending on type of injury and how it was caused. For it to be less blood in PZ,we would lose some of the realistic and atmosphere this blood and bodies create us. If you want a game that has less blood play 7 Days To Die or something like that. Project Zomboid is known for it's realistic approach to situations and i hope the Devs plan to keep it like that. I guess I thought this way because it all lies in the fact that everything looks blunt when you start bashing them. Their head doesn't explode, and you don't tear their stomach out. It's not like you're butchering them when you fight. You don't stomp on someone's head, and blood squirt out seven feet from their body like a fountain. Stuff like that is not realistic, and that's what it's like everytime you hit any zombie with anything. Even a frying pan. In real life, if you broke somebody's head open, outside, on the pavement.. sure, there's be a lot of blood. But not that much. Sure, a big, wide pool.. but not something like what I see. It's not perfect in my eyes, but the suggestion is gentle at best. Trust me if i took a baseball bat to someone's head. There would be massive amounts of blood. Our bodies are naturally 55% blood and the rest rest water. The blood accounts for 7% of the body's weight. Which amounts to 5 liters or 1.3 gallon of blood. Now take a zombie body,keep in mind the body is weakening more and more daily because the body would slowly break down and weaken naturally from the acids and bacterias released when you die. As the original Story of PZ states this is actually 3 days into the apocalypse where some zombies would be older than others, And than there would be the fresh ones made in those few hours when you're roaming around looting near neighborhoods. So the zombies bodies would already be breaking down at a fast rate. And from the experience of working hands on in a funeral home helping embalm people has given me the knowledge that in the first 4 hours the muscles would've already broken down the base chemicals yada yada. heres a wiki page to do the talking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rigor_mortis to make a long answer short. The body would've weakened at a rate from where if i hit a zed with a baseball bat chunks and limbs would easily fall off or apart from the body. Resulting in more blood spilling out of the body(well more blood than caused from hitting a live animal or person)
  5. Cool! But how often have you seen them? Is it a yearly event, because I very much doubt it. I can agree with the power outage part, but I don't see them lighting forests often enough to be seen worth implementing. Actually the likely hood of lightning to strike a tree in a forest compared to a Electric pole,or a house is even more rare. Lighting tends to strike houses that aren't grounded or has dishes or metal fences running along it. Like the one next to Kate and Baldspots new location in Muldraugh. Plus it would be a cool little effect when after a storm brews over and the player goes to roam a neighboring neighborhood or goes a few over to find a house burning or struck and burnt to a crisp in a spot. Would add to the effects of the game. Also would make players online or on singleplayer take in consideration of locationing their safehouse near a Wired fence. I mean i don't know where y'all live but i've seen a bunch of lightning strikes happen in many counties here. I saw lightning strike a fence 3 times in one storm. I 've seen my grandmas old place be struck also. The odds of it striking the player, Extremely Rare. The odds of striking a House,Rare. The odds of striking a Tree,Normal. The odds of striking Fences,Common. Should be a Sandbox option also for people who don't want this effect to take place. Kinda like how people play using a George Romero type of zombie or others use more of a World War Z approach to the apocalypse. Everybody plays different. Me i just want to see Realistic gameplay. Now when they integrate Louisville in the game. I wouldn't expect many buildings to be struck there. Unless they don't have a grounding box located on the taller buildings Just makes the game more realistic. Goes with the erosion mod hand in hand. Actually correction. Houses being strike rate low,as long as lets say the houses are grounded right. But trailers and cabins along with warehouses and stuff that wouldn't be grounded would be struck more often. Also running in the rain and near water makes the chances of striking the player more often.
  6. I've seen plenty of lightning strikes in person. When i lived at the farm i saw the lightning strike the fence numerous times,ive seen trees being striked to. Also power failures tend to happen more often than not.
  7. At least they got The tent kits right xD But the campfire one always cracks me up. Because usually i can craft them easily from the beginning of the game and go on a house burning spree if i wanted. But i mean it's a working progress. Can't complain at least we can make campfires
  8. Don't know whether this has been brought up or not but i thought what would be really cool? If by a random chance that during a heavy storm or thunder storm that maybe,just maybe every now and then randomly Lightning strikes a tree or a house Resulting in it burning into a crisp and starting a fire or just instant crisp(with a tree or a wall frame or you know what i'm getting to) Also make like a lightning effect like how it is on the main menu. Would add to the apocalyptic feel and the im scared,alone and about to jump outta my pants feeling for some. (And yes i know i spelled Lightning wrong in the title haha very tired and running on little sleep)
  9. Yeah thats what my idea was ya know. i never have made a campfire out of planks and a sheet in real life haha. involved some twigs and branches and fire wood to burn haha
  10. Just a suggestion,maybe instead of planks and ripped sheets or sheets to make a campfire kit. How about a certain amount of stones and sticks/tree branches?
  11. place them inside this folder under the local disk: C:\Users\UserName\Zomboid\mods some mods require you to place them in both steamapps/common/projectzomboid/mods folder and the one above. And if you can't find any in the mod folder still within the mod directory under your username, add a file called loaded.txt and type in the names of the mods as they are identified in the mod.info files. Also, Keyboardassassin, is that Corey Taylor in your avatar? Yes sir finally somebody gets it hahaWe are the only pulses of the maggots here apparently . Haha yes,yes we are. And the fact is i'm happy being one of the only pulses here.Makes us unique now doesn't it?
  12. I have to agree,a really good idea. Instead of when you destroy all this furniture you get nothing but being highly tired sucks. Wouldn't mind getting a plank or two from a wooden table or a plastic shank made from the leg of one of those plastic chair legs.
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