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  1. Here you go http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/coord/
  2. I will looked at this in this weekend
  3. Tsumanu

    Full Lua API

    I do so, but I think it should not be the basis for modding, and the addition for those who want to do something really cool. Thank you for the advice, but if someone could at least add a comment to the game files would at least know what to expect. And by the way, I would like to ask whether the difference between getSpecificPlayer server and the client is a bug? How can I get a list of players on the server side? While the side klieta need a very limited amount of information and not actually require any methods outside GetUserName so much on the server side, even as it modifies any data not reading them would be very useful. Besides OnDisconnected for multiplayer is never triggered.
  4. Tsumanu

    Full Lua API

    I would like to ask you for access to the API for Lua because I can not find anything like that. Just looking through the game files I came up with such marvels as sendServerCommand or sendClientCommand. However, they are undocumented. Yes, I know how to use them due to the fact that we use them. However, I do not know if this will be changed / removed, and as the server side to get a list of players, because as far as the client side getSpecificPlayer player draws me, it server side it is always nil. Additionally IsoPlayer:getPlayers() returns a list of 4 nil (on the server is 1 player - on the client side is always nil, not even array). I could report the bug, but simply do not know what and where is the bug. I would also like to know how it differs from getSpecificPlayer getPlayer? What opportunities has the object returned by getCore () because I noticed that you are using the functions not described in the JavaDoc. What are global functions? Is client-side multi, you can read the data of other players? Thanks in advance
  5. Installing mods on a linux computerFirstly, apply the following hotfix if the developer does not do it alone. Then, in your home directory, create a directory "Zomboid", and in the subfolder "mods". mkdir -p ~/Zomboid/mods There, place the mods directory. This solution will work also for linux server. If you run client and server in same machine, this directory will be shared. [edit]Fixing mod loaderThis will remove the error thrown when trying to retrieve values ​​from a empty table. File: media/lua/client/OptionScreens/ModSelector.lua function ModSelector:drawSelectedItems(items) local tex = items[self.listbox.selected].item:getTexture() local left = self.urlButton:getX() local top = self.listbox:getY() local alpha = 1 if tex == getTexture('white') then alpha = 0.1 end self:drawTextureScaledAspect(tex, left, top, self:getWidth() - 16 - left, self.urlButton:getY() - 8 - top, alpha, 1, 1, 1);endfunction ModSelector:prerender() ISPanel.prerender(self); local items = self.listbox.items if self.listbox.selected ~= -1 and #items > 0 then self:drawSelectedItems(items) end self:drawTextCentre("SELECT MODS", self.width / 2, 10, 1, 1, 1, 1, UIFont.Large); self:drawText("Double click to toggle. Put your mods in " .. Core.getMyDocumentFolder() .. getFileSeparator() .. "mods" .. getFileSeparator() .. ")", 16, self:getHeight() - 24, 1, 1, 1, 1, UIFont.Small);end [edit]Enabling mod on linux serverRun server first time. You will be ask for admin password and confirmation.Stop server and go to $HOME/Server/Edit servertest.init, in `Mods=` specify a list of mods that you want to use a comma-separated.
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