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  2. Hey guys. I've made a mod that allows use of any of the traits on any of the occupations during character creation. This includes the three professional traits (Night Owl, Desensitized, and Axe Man) and all the green positive and red negative traits that you normally need to balance with each other. Furthermore, I've added back all the traits that were previously removed from the game. These six removed traits are Brooding, Marksman, Hardened Drinker, Light Drinker, Patient, and Short Tempered. Enjoy being able to use these traits once again! Once you have installed the mod, enabled it, created your character, and saved your game, you no longer need the mod. You can delete it if you wish, and your save file will still have your character with all of the traits you have selected. Obviously, you can keep it in your mods but you don't need to run it every time to have your save file with modified traits. They will stay with that character until that character dies. My mod should work alongside the Cheat Menu mod found here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14283-cheat-menu-v16/ Combine these two mods to allow for thorough mod testing, learning of game mechanics, or just cheatin'. You could also play using the sandbox to allow for extremely tailored gameplay. Works on the latest build, v31.13 DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/traitmod/ Q&A Q: Can I cheat with this? A: Yeah. Q: Can I cheat online with this? A: No. Q: Will this work on a build older than 31? A: No. Build 31 completely changed the way that occupations and traits work, and also added a ton of new traits. Q: Will your old version still work on the newer builds? A: No, for the same reasons stated above. Q: If you fall off the planet, can I update this mod? A: Sure. The following link is an OLD VERSION of the mod which WILL NOT work on build 31 or newer. The last build it was tested on was 29.4 and it worked fine. It may work on build 30 but I never tested it. Download: traitmod.zip
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