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  1. Franne

    RELEASED Build 32

    Okay so my findings on this build so far: -I find there to be a tad too much zombies on the normal setting. It feels like the old high or even insane setting. I prefer it to be toned down a bit. -I like the new challenges, though I can never even get to the winter part in the Winter is coming challenge haha. -The fact that zombies seem to be smarter is a good thing. One general thing that's not specific to this build: On the loot setting extremely rare, I still seem to find an abundance of stuff. Maybe I'm just lucky? (no I didn't select that trait ) Anyways keep up the good work guys!
  2. Franne

    RELEASED: Build 30.12

    I don't know if I should post this all here, but I'd like to say a few problems I have. First of, have you guys changed anything about hunger? It seems to me as if my character is more hungry then in previous plays. Also, I've never had a cold in all my plays, even when I ran around in the rain for hours... One last thing, I'm not able to set my game in full screen... Are these things a bug?
  3. Franne

    RELEASED: Build 30.12

    My game worked fine yesterday, but now, all of my traits (even the profession one, it still says I'm a park ranger) have disappeared, together with their advantages/disadvantages. Also, when my character got bit, she died instantly. That's not normal right?
  4. Franne

    RELEASED: Build 30.12

    I'm not sure if these are bugs or not... First of, in sandbox with the normal zombie setting and zombie count, I noticed that their sight and other senses have improved a lot, even though they aren't eagle eyed or something. Another thing, suddenly there are a lot more zombies, this all doesn't seem right? And secondly, I've had this since I bought the game (built 27 or so) and when I run in the rain for hours, I never get sick. Is this normal? It's kind of weird...