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  1. One of the things I've noticed with my game style, is that I really like to get good at carpentry. Whenever I start a game I go straight to the Warehouse in Muldraugh, barricade the doors and windows, and grab an axe. I scavenge for food occasionally, killing zombies along the way, but not really getting terribly good at Blunt or Blade. But I primarily go across the road, and start swinging away at the trees, making planks and making fences to keep the baddies out. Then I make a crate to store things in. But I've always thought, swinging that axe so many times, and breaking the fences with a sledgehammer would benefit my ability to use them, or other things like them, as the character becomes more proficient with the object. So, my suggestion is to add the standard experience for completely chopping down a tree as one would get from killing a zombie to the blade skill. And for destroying carpentry, the player would get the standard experience put into blunt as killing a zombie would. Or maybe add a woodsman skill. My next suggestion is that destroying certain carpentry items such as crates (I know there's lot of them) would give back some of the materials used to make them. in a way that they have items hidden to the player in their inventory, which are dropped upon destruction. This could lead to the requirement of more materials for construction, or the individual plank, rather than planks.
  2. Here's my spiel, from a post which I posted without looking: The bags degrade like weapons, however, only the plastic and the tote bags do this, they degrade only when they have items inside them, and the degradation rate is calculated using the total amount that is inside them, their base stat, and whether you are walking, running, or creeping. When they break they drop all contents onto the ground. My next idea for that, also from the post I made without looking, is that these bags affect your walking speed. Say, you are carrying 20 items loosely, not in a bag, in your inventory, you would walk slower(in real life), right? so then , the player now receives a movement penalty based on all the loose items in their inventory, tote bags and plastic bags count, (unless equipped as secondary), whereas bags like the backpack and hiking bag (which can be much more easily slung over the shoulder) give no or little penalty. This would help reinforce good inventory management, and perhaps add a more (maybe optional) realistic feel to the game.
  3. errrm, kinda was loopy today, did not look at the other posts...
  4. So, I've recently read the update log for the new steam beta, where they stated that they removed the expiring of items that are in a container. I had not know that myself, but perhaps there could be a container such as a cooler, that increases the time that it takes for food stuffs to expire by some amount from the insulating effects that the cooler has. Perhaps expand that into having certain kinds of packs/bags that give different, but small benefits or disadvantages (say, a plastic bag might rip and drop items if it's loaded to capacity and you sprint to much) perhaps, if the player is carrying to many loose items in his/her main inventory, they take a small movement penalty (overwritten when sprinting, but you have a chance of dropping items) and bags, especially backpacks, remove some/all of that penalty.
  5. Thank you RathLord, I'm going to check that out right now.
  6. Hmmm, been a while since I've looked up this game. Any chance that a download to the Steam Beta still exists?
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