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  1. @ Temporally Confused.... cos its in the suggestion forum? Who knows, we may even give them ideas and help them out. The hole point of this forum existing.
  2. Has any one ever played The Sims? Hygiene wasn't the most fun part of the game but it deff wasent the worst either. I personaly didn't hate it. Changing clothes or just washing the dirt/blood from you face for possative moodlets would probebly be what PZ could take from that area. I'd personaly like to see that in the game.
  3. I love the world fillers in the game, how the bookshelfs fill up and so on... Would love to see more as in outside world fillers... Ideas for outside fillers?? Only thing i can think of right now is burnt out cars or fallen down trees/powerlines maybe that you can get wood from or Overflowing trash cans. Maybe suitcases/half open with clouthes in from were people have tried to evacuate.
  4. I love the fire in thise game/love to set traps for a horde thats chasing me into a house. But the amount of time it now takes for food or something to catch fire is days... i did a play through and it was 7 days in the oven and still didn't catch fire. *Dunno if its just my game or the build* But my idea is yeah have it take a while for food but for bleach/whisky have it only 1 hour or so. Otherwise its setting up a camp fire next to the house job..... xD
  5. For me id probably choose the unemployed trait if it gave me say 4 extra points to spend on a trait of my choice... say i choose unlemployed... but then you can add lucky or something miner to the character.
  6. I really like this idea... but lil worried it could make the game too easy? *water barrols/bathtubs and all the other things you can store water in. I'd like to think you could store the water in a bathtub but after a while you would have to boil it over a fire before you drink it. Say more than 1 month and it goes stail or dirty.
  7. I think this might happen when NPC's make an apearance back into the game, well lets hope so.
  8. i like the idea of being able to save your character creation, would save loads of time. Certain this has bin mentioned before tho =)
  9. killwill


    I still would <3... it was winter in my game and my guy got super cold... but no snow Frost would look cool? Im sure most places get frost?
  10. i swear if i sledgehammer the wall n the house falls down...... like off Utube
  11. BUT I LIKE THIS HOUSE! *sulks* lol
  12. Tragic disaster (accidentally walks into camp fire sets self on fire and then set house walls on fire) Just managed to survive but can now hop through the walls like an open window... i try to build a new wooden wall to replace the broken walls but it wont let me place the crafted wall on the broken wall guess im sleeping with one eye open tonight!
  13. is there any news on a fix for the invisible fire?
  14. New items = amazeballs Should have a new item in ever new build/update even if it was just a wooden spoon id prolly still be excited lol.
  15. killwill


    sandbox weather/season options +1 for that one. That takes away all the debate of everything... if you wanna make a cold north map, more winter than summer then go ahead.. but the story mode stays what ever it is in real life... Should prolly thought about that one sooner xD Huzzarrr! lol
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