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  1. I do agree in theory, but in practice how many of those cars would run out of fuel exactly on the owners drive. maybe making more abandoned cars on the road out of fuel but less of them in driveways, especially at the moment 9 out of 10 cars in some areas are empty. just a thought
  2. I'm not sure if its a bug, feature or I'm slowly going insane. starting a new survival game I always start with the same items in my inventory, including a saucepan, flashlight, hiking bag etc.
  3. after changing back to the vehicles build again and a quick restart, I played for about 30mins until I exited the game, got a crash to desktop when reloading the game I was playing. I'm gonna keep messing about with it to see if I can narrow things down a bit to try and catch a midgame crash, that might give a bit more info. hope the file helps. Thanks console.txt
  4. Thanks, I just reset the game to vehicles branch (was zombie bashing on the old build in the meantime) and the game crashed to desktop before it finished loading. ive attached the file below. at least I think I have lol console.txt
  5. I cant edit the post above but just wanted to add a bit more info incase that helps, ive been messing around with the betas and everything works fine if I opt out back to build 37 (I think it is) but have the same problem with both the IWBUMS branch and the vehicles branch. as I said if someone can tell me where to find the log file I will include it. thanks
  6. hey just thought i would chime in. i have unfortunately been neglecting poor bob bald spot for the past week as im currently a hand down so couldnt take on any zombies. coming back to the new i will back up my save branch i got a roughly 400mb update of the game itself so i figured i would try the game in normal mode and see if that worked ( been getting the black screen but working UI & game world bug. unfortunatly no change on that front after creating a new game on survival to test. heres where it might get helpful. after exiting and restarting the game i got a notice for the steam beta update, so updated and restarted steam and went to try the game again, i then got a black screen on on the main menu every time i loaded the game (i tried at least 10 times) after a bit of messing about i found restarting my computer fixed the new crash and the game runs fine every time in compatibility mode (still getting the ui bug in normal but as long as i can thwack zombies im happy) i did have the steam in game community disabled for project zombiod but decided to disable it in the steam settings as well just for good measure, this has made no discernible difference (and was done after the game was working again) Specs Below (and on Profile) not a clue what happened but its working so im happily stalking the streets of west point again with my trusty crowbar "hazel"
  7. its running well on my dual core but only in compatibility mode, im still getting the black screen (but working UI and gameworld) when loading normally. also i don't think the frequency of the shambling on the spot glitch has increased but its more noticable now we have more on screen at a time. cant wait to try out all the new features when ive got a bit more time.
  8. *raises right hand* i hereby swear i shall not moan,complain,gripe or otherwise bitch about this branch and the lovely lovely people who made it. less i be staked out for the zombies and have my privates torn off by an agitated raccoon . I got the hugest grin when I read that. As lame as it sounds, of everything else in this list of cool stuff, this by far made me so happy! is it just me or does the guy on the left look like tony stark (cant remember the actors name)
  9. Personally i would go for a tripwire/pad connected to a boorbell as an early warning system for my base lol just wondering do you think they will go with some kind of modular system like mine craft etc or will traps just be single tile objects with effects?
  10. LMAO this may be the most realistic feature yet i think it would be a funny Easter egg to find in someones wardrobe lol. in my teens i had a real copy of the original book which was more than accurate (but was not by any means an idiots guide), unfortunately i lost it when i almost blew up the dog (and took my eyebrows off for the fifth time) and every copy i have found since then has been useless in comparison, as all good online things it suffered from very poor imitators oh the memories.........
  11. It's not funny anymore. We understand you want it now but please... ok its just that no matter what i do i cant fix the modloader problem =/ and i really really want to play with my mods this may seem obvious but have you tried reading the above posts? i was having the same problem, now solved. if that doesnt help have you tried posting the details of your error as it maybe something with your computer, installation or configuration of the mods rather than something that will be fixed with the update. helpful link: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/3860-steam-build-on-beta-no-mods/ and all jokes aside no-one is really surprised this update has been delayed i mean look at the damn changelog its a hell of alot of bug fixes, optimizations and a whole new repair feature that effects every other item in the game that's alot of snagging to do before its ready for release. we do love busting the devs chops though i think we are getting our revenge in early for the mass hordes that are now going to kill us all with the new update lol
  12. in the event of the zombie apocalypse im going with the suits they wear when training attack dogs, if it protects from a doberman a zombie has no chance the BEST Armour would be police riot gear, big square shield and all, but this would turn your character into the superman of the apocalypse so wouldn't work for the game. on a side note anyone can make chain mail (i know i have, and it took bloody ages) me and a friend made some chainmail shirts for a re-enactment group. all we had was some thick gauge wires, a few pairs of pliers, some bolt cutters, and a wooden spoon to wrap the wire round (it isnt the same as proper forged chainmail as the rings can open, which led to bodkin arrow points to exploit this) essentially you just make loads to Little rings and knitt them together it would be ideal for protecting against zombies. whatever they do with armour i think the big downfall is going to the the usual problem with this stuff one time of armour will be clearly better than all the others which results in everyone's character looking the same which would really screw things up multiplayer. i think the best combination would be a mix of all the things suggested, Armour classes that protect and weigh the same (light-leather-rubber-padded etc heavy - chainmain plate riot gear allowing for alot more aesthetic choice and also of coarse things like stab proof vests,military vests (when they arrive) (bullet proof are very uncomman here but im guessing they would be around in america lol maybe even a few FBI or FEMA ones? (just make sure the FEMA ones dont spawn untill at least a week after the crisis
  13. okay firstly as someone who had a rather mispent youth with a very dog-eared copy of the old schoolboy favorite (the Anarchists cookbook) i can attest that explosives is not something you want to learn on a trial an error basis lol the tennis ball bomb trick doesnt work well the amount of smoke is useless, but an ammonia nitrate "Cake" once lit can fill 3 american city blocks with smoke lol (i know i tried) - this is however rather useless against zombies as your more likely to stumble into one in the smoke. i like the idea of flash bangs and i agree dynamite would be impossible to get hold of even demolition companies dont use it anymore as its too unstable ( the fact that alfred nobel's nitroglycerin factory blew up twice, once taking out his own brother can attest to that one) given the games setting there would however probably be a large amount of gunpowder based "crowscarers" (think firecrackers on a long fuse/rope the sets one off every few minutes) i live in a rather rural area myself with a few farms etc and theres more gunpowder based explosives used in farming then you can shake a stick at (ive got a box full of the dam things, perfect for flash bangs you just need gunpowder and a bit of paper or card pack tight add fuse and light - good distraction no damage) i think traps for the game should be kept simple and not sure how well deadfall/spike traps would work with zombies as they have a very low chance of actually killing them (after a while they will clog up the spikes and climb over there impaled brethren i do really really want some distractions though like setting up a battery powered boombox. or seting up loads of wind chimes around your base to divert wanderers etc oh and i love the remote control car idea lol maybe with an alarm clock duct taped on the top? on a lighter note as impractical as it would be i would love to see the paint can tied with string at the top of the stairs home alone style, impractical but hilarious
  14. okay just tested and this has got all the mods working again i changed all the ids to lower case and they are working fine. just a side note if you do this be careful with mods that require others to work as you will need to change the require field to the new name aswell (IE RMutility & lockpicking mod) right then time to make another burglar and find a crowbar
  15. oh bloody hell now you mention it im sure most a labeled like RMutitlity etc, im gonna go try that now but i get the feeling thats whats been missing. if it does solve my problem i will be sure to repost that info on the other threads on this one. cheers o mod loader guru
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