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  1. The links are broken, unfortunately, and I couldn't find them using the forum search. Does anyone know where these posts went?
  2. Hi. I have spent the last 30 minutes to try to connect to a public server but couldn't manage either. How do you know which ports you have to open? Also how can I see whether a server needs a password? And if a server needs a password where can I get that? I am very confused right now.
  3. 2 additional questions: 1. Where exactly is this "refresh button"? 2. Does CraftHelper really include all recipes? (I am playing build 28)
  4. Are you sure? I do not have a folder C:\users\username\zomboid . It's also not under C:\Users\Benutzer01\AppData\Local where I suspected it first... so where is it? I am puzzled. ^^ Update 1: I found it! It's under D:\Michael\Zomboid ! Apparently it always uses some kind of standard folder which can be relocated. In my case C:\ is a relatively small SSD and when installing Windows 8 I tried to change all kinds of default path away from that way-too-small SSD... I guess that's where my problem originated from. Thanks for your help.
  5. Craft Helper 1.3 does not run on build 28, is that right? Also the installation instructions in the readme file are misleading. It says to go to <C:\Users\USERNAME\Zomboid\mods> where the mods directory should be located but that is not true for the steam version... is it? The only place I could find to put mods to was E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\mods but when I put Craft Helper there it does not even show up in the modloader
  6. I don't get it: Is this version really still upcoming? *puzzled*
  7. ...since she was low on zombies...
  8. Edit: I really have to stop being a troll.
  9. You are of course right and I am just stupid. Of course I need a spray can but apparently they don't exist...? At least I haven't found one.
  10. I am playing the most current beta version on steam. I just installed the spraypaint mod but it does not seem to work. At least nothing happens when I right click on a road, also no errors in the cmd window.
  11. Do you guys also have problems with hordes? I just lured a large horde away from my safehouse... went back to the safehouse and there it was again.
  12. A bit more information would be nice. What's your OS? What's your graphics card? Are there any error messages in the window?
  13. Okay... I am flabbergasted. After developing software for about 10 years now, I have to tell indiestone: USE A BUGTRACKER. Having a bugtracker will help you in the long run to avoid unnecessary work although it may feel like you get too much administration work. This administration work - which you undoubtely have to do at the beginning - will easily pay off once the thing is running. Furthermore you can integrate most bugtracker into your versioning system (like github or svn) enabling you to keep track of features and milestones/versions. If you are interested in this topic, I can search for a few links which elaborate more clearly. Edit 1: ... and lots of administrative work once the bugtracker is running can be done by your nice forum admins. Edit 2: You can also use a bugtracker for internal communication. Which means you can write bugs/tasks for other team members when you need work done. This have several advantages over e-mails: You can keep track how much of the work is already done by looking the task in the tracker, you don't need to remind people of that mail which you sent two weeks ago, since the bug will be assigned to them and won't get lost (at least not until it is "closed"), when someone needs further information they can comment on the bug and assign it to whomever has the information who can then answer and re-assign the bug. It's definitely easier than communicating by email and they won't be any information loss like when you use mails.
  14. Hey devs, how about setting up a bugtracker so that we don't have to report bugs in this unstructured and confusing way?
  15. I can also kind of see through walls now: http://s1.directupload.net/images/130909/mk9ij86o.jpg
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