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  1. Hey let's play some zomboid

  2. When this game first released, it showed an astronomical amount of promise. Attempting to be a worthy competitor to DAYZ. The game released with the title WarZ, and immediately fell into a ocean of lawsuits. Not only was the title stolen directly from the book and movie of the same name, but the game was absolute trash in the beginning. Servers would purposely lag when fighting the undead which caused you to die every time. To get any kind of decent gear you had to pay real money through micro transactions, and every plea for change from devoted fans of the game were shrugged off by the executives behind the game. Nowadays, the game was revamped and you can now play Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic, or the New version. The game is definitely no DAYZ, but if you played in the beginning, when it was WARZ, and you play it now, you can actually enjoy the game. No more cheap moves from the developers and the game and loot system is completely fair now. This is a screenshot that serves as a memory of the days when my dedication to a game was way too much.


  3. There is a hilarious story behind this DAYZ screenshot. I was in a server with only 2 other players, they gave me a helicopter full of free supplies and left. I flew it to a nearby city, landed on the roof of an apartment, went across the street and climbed to the roof of the other apartment. And I saw a solo survivor hop into my helicopter, and immediately crash and die in a fiery inferno on the streets below. I died because I saw him hop in and panicked, and ran directly off the roof and fell to my death lol sorry for the explicit language, I was heated at the time.


  4. Let's go to the MALL!


  5. It's a great day to survive the apocalypse.

  6. MrScolex


    Thanks, but I don't see why people would delete it. I just want a little help getting the clock mod to work, the other ones aren't important.
  7. SteamID: Mr. Scolex Username: Mr. Scolex, or Alex RP Experiences: I participated in a huge RP server on Infestation Survivor Stories when it was originally called The War Z. I did the same on DayZ, and I played the role of a military doctor who worked in a squad of 5 to locate, secure, and rescue kidnapped survivors. It was pretty damn fun. Why do you want to join this server? I absolutely LOVE a good roleplay server for zombie apocalypse games, and with what I read on this server, it sounds way better than good, and I want to experience this first hand as a survivor. Character Background: Alex was 21 years old when Patient Zero infected their first victim and started a new age of terror and survival. He had heard about it on the radio while working the night shift as a security guard at the local mall. His girlfriend, Angel, was always there in the most dire of circumstances. They were inseperable. Then, one night, after several previous verbal threats from a nearby group, they decided to attack. Even though we were prepared, we were outnumbered. With no time to spare, the community loaded up their convoy and went separate ways after discussing where they'd meet up. A few survivors stayed behind to distract the attackers while the rest of the community escaped. Alex was one of those who stayed behind, and the last time he saw Angel, she was getting on the bus. Ever since then, he's been on his own, the thought of seeing his love again is all that keeps him going. Alex does all he can to help those in need, but he can be hard to read at times. One day, he wishes to start a community of his own. A safe haven for all survivors. Until that day though, he searches day after day for a new community, maybe he will find Angel there, at the very least they might know something regarding her whereabouts. When he finds this said community, he hopes they will be accepting of his help. His last run in with another group caused him to stop trusting strangers, but he has high hopes that good things will go his way soon. Notes: I make my character as realistically close to my real life appearance as possible, and what I mean by that is I rock some serious chops and short hair, and my character is dead on C: Also, I always keep an empty notebook and pen on my character to add some backstory, I write in it like a diary.
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    Ignore? For what?
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    Can somebody please give me a detailed walkthrough on how to install and use the NATURAL CLOCK MOD? It shows up as a mod I can activate, but it never changes the clock in the top right. I also can't get the BUILDING MOD, RECYCLING MOD (required to run the building mod) or the UtilityMod (required to run the recycling mod) to work, my game has to be uninstalled and reinstalled when I try activating the three, so Im clearly doing something wrong. I just want a walkthrough showing me what files go into what folders, I really want to get these mods working.
  10. MrScolex


    Can someone please give me a detailed walkthrough of how to install the NATURAL CLOCK MOD and get it working? Along with the Building Mod, the recycling mod required to use the building mod, and the utilitymod required to use the recycling mod. Every time I tried to activate the utility and recycling mod, my screen would go black and I'd have to delete and reinstall the entire game. The natural clock mod shows up as a selectable mod, it just doesn't appear in game.
  11. SERVER NAME: Dead by Dawn IP: PORT: 16261 You are invited to my crazy world to survive as you please. Create a group with other survivors, or start your own. Tell me a little backstory for your in game character, I want to keep tabs of every survivor. TO START A GROUP: Message me on here, or in game. Tell me a little about your group. Groups must work towards these goals. -Finding a location, and establishing a community. Whether you build it from scratch, or take over a building. Good or Bad? The Zombie apocalypse reveals the good, bad, and ugly in those left alive. Some do all they can to help those in need, while others aim to make matters worse. WHO WILL YOU BE? Message me in game, and I will take a note of what team you are on. Survivor: Alignment: Neutral Survive for awhile and see who you become. Go alone or work together with other survivors. Cannot start a community as a lone wolf or a small group, small buildings and houses are where you can make your temporary base. Leader: Alignment: Good Groups can have multiple leaders depending. Leader of the group you create, you will be entitled to assign jobs and duties to the members of your community. ex: Farmer, Carpenter, Fisherman. More than one person can have the same job if you want them too, like if you want all of your group to be farmers, so be it. The only thing I care about is that you follow the rules of your role. -Don't kill other players unless provoked, if you're threatened, how you react is up to you. -Organizing trades with other groups. (Your choice as well, send one person out to trade with the other group, or go there in a bigger number. Have some survivors hang back a little bit in the event of an ambush.) -Placing a wooden sign down for every member in your community who passed away, set it up to appear as a graveyard. -Rationing out the food and water. -Assigning shifts for whatever tasks you create. I'll have more ideas later on. Ruthless Leader: Alignment: Bad You rule over the thugs, criminals, and overall assholes of the apocalypse who seek a leader. You get done what you want to get done, in any way possible. Rules: -You cannot go around killing other players for fun. Have fun with this roleplay server, kidnap a survivor from a community and make demands to get what you want or something like that. Idk, be creative, but don't be that guy who just kills other serious players. -No shooting on sight, if you see a player and you want to rob them, you are more than welcome to try. If you have the upper hand (ex: You have a shotgun pointed at them) Have them drop what you want and send them on their way. How they react though is a different story. Nobody wants to lose their precious loot that took forever to find. If you're killed while trying to rob someone, then that's that. I'm not going to punish someone for defending their shit. -If a community of survivors has what you want, do what Negen does in the walking dead and demand half of their loot every so many days or else bad things might happen. LEADERS OF BAD ALIGNMENT GROUPS CAN'T START WARS! You can provoke it, but you are not allowed to start the war. Only the GOOD ALIGNMENT LEADER can declare war on your group, and they actually have to let it be known through chat that war has been started. WAR! A SET LOCATION WILL BE MADE BY ME, NO FIGHTING A WAR IN THE MIDDLE OF A SUBURBAN/CITY LIKE AREA We fight the dead to survive, but sometimes the living will push you to the point of no return. GOOD ALIGNMENT LEADERS ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ALLOWED TO START WARS Example, if a group of baddies has been taking half your find, kidnapping your people, or otherwise provoking you, then you will tell your community to get prepared. After they are all informed, you will go into the /all chat and announce that you are going to war. and again LEADERS OF BAD ALIGNMENT GROUPS CAN'T START WARS! Don't fight a war for a long time, I will stop by to keep it somewhat civil if it's taking awhile. Leaders of both alignments can be killed during a war, but ONLY BY THE OTHER LEADER. I want this server to be very in depth, and I want you guys to feel as though you're actually your character. In order for this to be an interesting server, with immersive backstories and whatnot, we can't have a huge war that the world is aware of end with one of the leaders getting stabbed to death by a lower ranked member of the opposing group. When the war is over, announce it in chat. I will reward the winner with random loot at the WEST POINT CITY HALL. Loot you can be gifted: -Guns -Ammo -Useful Supplies -I'll allow you to request one special item, whatever you choose, then I will select the rest of the reward. NOTEBOOKS: Leaders, or basic members of a community will document major events you struggle through using a notebook and pen. Keep it on you at all times, and when it's full, you will take it to WEST POINT CITY HALL where a makeshift library will be, and then the entire world can stop by and see your story. FACTIONS: When you start a community, group, or faction, you are required to tell me these details. -Group name, unless you honestly don't want one. -The color of your groups upper apparel. (We need to distinguish one group from another, so having a set shirt color is ideal. You can only have one color.) -Where you plan to set up your community. -Your Alignment Choice -after that I will either give you the ok, or ask you to change a few things. I don't want a million groups in my server. I want large communities of players. If there are too many groups of the alignment you want to be, I will ask you to instead join one of the communities after I ask to see if one will take you in. If none will, then you are free to start your own. CURRENCY: (IN GAME CURRENCY OF COURSE) I will have a shop set up with a bunch of items to trade, probably at city hall in west point. Each item will have a different price. If demand increases, so does the price. I will keep players updated on current deals and whatnot. Alcohol Some quality Wine might sell for a high price, whisky as well. I'd like to have "get togethers" at a certain location where all we do is drink in game booze and just mingle. Where new survivors can meet community members and seasoned players. NO VIOLENCE ALLOWED AT GATHERINGS. Cigarettes: 5 bucks a pack. Ammo: 9mm = 5 dollars each box Shotgun Shells = 20 dollars each box .223 Bullets = 50 dollars each box .308 Bullets = 100 dollars each box Petty loot can be exchanged as money as well Depending on what you want and how much you can afford is how I will determine the price of your petty loot. I'll give good deals. -Wallets -Jewelry ZONES: I haven't decided what will go where, but for all three locations on the map there will be zones. Safe Zones, War Zones, and Danger Zones. The first two are self explanatory, but Danger Zones will be tricky. There are no rules in Danger Zones, be on guard at all times.