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    Johnny reacted to Zorak in Trucking On   
    Is it an ANIMATION UPDATE !?!
    nah but its still cool.

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    Johnny reacted to nasKo in Last Resort   
    First off another quick note that we’re now curating a Build Status and Version History overview list so people don’t have to dredge through weekly Mondoids to find vids/images of stuff that’s liable to drop into the next build, or to check out what’s in IWBUMS testing. Smaller tweaks in PZ history aren’t mentioned, but the version list does go all the way back to the Steam release so is hopefully informative. We fleshed it out today, so have a peek if you fancy.
    Work continues binding in all our various animations to the game and making it all as seamless as possible. Here’s something that just went in. Hope you like. [CONTAINS DISTURBING SCENES]

    Secondly, we’ve been hearing a few community thoughts on the appearance of the new model faces, and were thinking similar ourselves – so we’ve fiddled with the mesh and the UVS of what’s being implemented to change the way the faces look, and especially on the female models. We added a few more vertices to the head (not enough to impact the poly count) so have more control over the eyes – and hopefully the results will be an improvement when they’re in-game.

    As discussed last week, RJ’s turned his attention away from the suggestions of the survivor community – and towards the suggestions and quality of life of those who run and maintain PZ servers. We’ve already got his tiered admin system into the IWBUMS public test (and really could do with people setting up servers and bug-testing), so now he’s onto the next stage of his quest before returning to vanilla SP content.
    “The new “player stats” admin panel is currently in test and going well” explains our favourite Frenchman, bar none. “I’ve fixed lot of bugs on it for the IWBUMS 35.18 which should be out soon. In 35.18 I’m also looking at dealing with people who copy/paste saves, and think I may have a decent solution but I need to make sure there aren’t any sync problems.”
    “I’ve also added user logs to the player stats panel. Every time something weird happens to a player (lua checksum fail, dupe item found etc…) a log will be added and can be inspected by the Admin, who can also administer warning points and keep tabs on griefing and similar.”

    This past Friday we had another successful test of the new player voice system, that’ll let other players hear your verbal threats, mutterings and zombie-gasps should your character be standing in their proximity.
    Comments from testers included “my voice came in loud and clear”, “the distance at which you can still hear people talking is great”, “Voice detection seemed quite good” and “The quality and 3D was awesome!”. This all said there were a few stability issues, so the guys at General Arcade are on a bug hunt that’ll hopefully soon culminate in a version we can tie into the current IWBUMS build.
    Cool cat ShylokVakarianf is running a survey about what exactly gets you killed in your playthroughs. It’s super-interesting and gives us a good idea of what’s causing the most fatalities currently in-game.
    This week’s smart, sassy safehouse from Mr.Narsh. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! The CBOIT now also flags that our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks. Now with modding section!
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    Johnny reacted to EnigmaGrey in Last Resort   
    It's even worse when you trip with the safety off.
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    Johnny reacted to nasKo in Night Terrors   
    Hi there survivors. Work continues on the animation, combat, blood, gore and clothing systems that will in turn unlock the implementation of our final primary game features. We’ve had new textures going into the system (different clothing, like long-sleeved shirts) but most of the work has been under the hood, so this week’s Mondoid isn’t quite the blow-out that the last one was.
    That said, we’re expecting an internal test build of nu-nutrition, metalwork and sleep systems fairly soon, which will then be released to the community in an IWBUMS for testing and balance feedback. (Please note that, at the time of writing, this hasn’t been merged with the animation system though, which still requires tinkering.
    As such let’s turn to what RJ and Turbo are up to, which is primarily in turning a spotlight onto longstanding features to bring some added spice to survival.
    In RJ’s case we wanted to get back to the feeling that falling asleep in the zombie apocalypse is a dangerous thing to do, just as it was back in the earliest builds of PZ. As such this week RJ has been coding in a reduced player control on when you’re actually able to sleep (so if you’re anxious or in pain you might require sleeping pills) and also removing control from what time you actually wake up in SP and local co-op.
    RJ has also been inside the Sadistic AI Director so that he can better govern zombie movement and intrusions while you’re sleeping. “Basically, if you’re going to sleep in the next build then you need to be extra-sure that the TV is off, the curtains are closed and the lights are off.” he explained, when he received his weekly Mondoid prod. “We’re looking into zombie behaviour a bit, and buildings with zombies outside and have light showing or sounds audible could attract attention. These events will be rare, but enough to keep you on edge – just as anxious characters might wake in the middle of the night now.”
    “My next job will be to remove the choice of how much time you want to sleep, and adding a working alarm clock system for you, and maybe your nearby co-sleepers. You might want to be careful to turn the alarm off if you waking up early and go off scavenging with your clock in your backpack though!”
    In terms of general tweaks from community suggestions and improvements it’s also worth noting that in the next build RJ has also coded in some nerfs to the Lucky trait (abundant Spiffo plushies will be no more L ), some extra and more easily identifiable skill books where they were previously lacking, a bunch of new items relevant to metalwork, more world-filler to flesh out your shelf space and the ability to turn off helicopter/gunshot meta-game events in your sandbox options.
    While he waits for more community radio/TV translation work to roll in (Russian is in the works!) Turbo is currently working on ways to tie the system closer to gameplay through their impact on the boredom moodle, and then the boredom moodle’s impact on the player. As we’ve mentioned before, we also need to finish off the work that sees XP/recipes learned from certain shows.
    He’s also working on improving the visual/audio aspect of this system to make it feel like a bigger part of the game world. As a test-bed for this, here’s a rough and ready (and very WIP!)vid of a community suggestion that came up when thinking of ways to make the game feel a bit more 90s. 
    here you go, blackteapie:
    Finally, a public service announcement. Blindcoder’s amazing PZ map project has a new home at http://map.projectzomboid.com/, so it’s all nice and official – albeit still under the strict custodianship of Mister Blindcoder. There’s still work to be done on the 2x overlays for some of the community maps, but BC is happy to throw the doors open to the general public, and asks for any issues to be reported on the PZ forums. As ever, our eternal thanks go out to Benjamin and his amazing work on this.
    This week’s featured image by Spot on your Steam service over there. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Okay thanks bye!
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    Johnny reacted to MadDan2013 in 2 nails instead of 1 for barricading   
    I think I posted this in the tracker before, or somewhere. Or maybe I forgot. Yeah it should be 4 nails. Probably more for other barricades too.
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    Johnny reacted to Xeonyx in Zombies Falling Down Stairs   
    More specifically, pushing zombies down staircases because it's pretty hard to keep your balance falling backwards down a staircase. They'd flop down the stairs potentially knocking down other zombies.  I'd personally like to go zombowling
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    Johnny got a reaction from Navarome in Drayton (Rebuild) v1.0.2   
    Man, loving it... Working on a small fort in this apartment, I've burn't down another apartment complex, and I've tried to get into the cinema... Oh, not to mention I set off an alarm, and was noticed by several billion (At least) zombies.... Heh
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    Johnny reacted to Deuce in So the Organized trait...   
    ... is actually pretty useful for hauling logs.
    As it turns out you can transport eight logs in a Big Hiking Bag with room to spare if you bundle them with rope before packing them.  Total carry weight for a single equipped BHB loaded with eight bundled logs is just under five pounds/kilos/weight units as well.

    This means that with the Organized trait, sixteen ropes and two BHBs you can transport sixteen logs at once with no other traits taken, no profession taken and no skills invested in.
    You can also manage to equip 3 Big Hiking Bags fully loaded with a total of 24 logs if you can manage to get your carry weight to 15.  Obviously you are unable to equip weapons doing this and can't really afford to carry too much spare gear with you, but this is still incredibly useful for transporting large amounts of lumber around.  I didn't think to test this earlier as I never bother equipping 3 bags myself.
    Handy dandy picture:

    Just thought I would share this useful bit of information.
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    Johnny reacted to syfy in "I died from a scratch from a broken window" and more...   
    i'm not 100% sure if it will or will not get you sick, so i will not give an answer that i cannot back up with a Dev quote
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    Johnny got a reaction from Legoland99 in New Denver, BC (V2.1)   
    Thats brilliant! I alway wanted to do my hometown.... My hometown is waaaaay across the wuuuurld! And mate, I'm sorry for your loss. I've lost some people, but not four. I bet they would'a thanked you for making a map dedicated to them...
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    Johnny reacted to J0hnm13 in Performing Hobbies tied to Traits to decrease boredom   
    If I'm not a farmer by trade, but a gardener by hobby, I should enjoy my time working with my plants. If I'm a brawler, I should enjoy fighting. If I'm a hunter, I should enjoy finding animals in my traps, etc etc. The boredom and depression moodlets should be helped by performing selected hobby traits. 
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    Johnny reacted to Dr_Cox1911 in System for locked houses/containers   
    A slightly more realistic approach to the claiming system.
    We already have keys for doors and padlocks for containers, so why not doing it this way:
    Container has padlock => can´t be destroyed until padlock is removed Ability to barricade windows from either side, you can only remove barricades from the side they are built, you can still chop them down Ability to lock windows from the inside I think pretty much all of the points would be rather easy to implement (don´t know about the barricading) and would still provide safety for your safehouse in a slightly more realistic way.
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    Johnny reacted to njstolte in RELEASED Build 32   
    Ho-ly shit, the new zombie respawn system is AMAZING. I loaded a save from the previous build that I had survived one month on, a couple days later a huge horde of zombies came charging towards my base at Cortman Medical. I led the huge horde away and went home to get a shotty, but then zombies started knockin' on my door, so I tried to take them on and of course got brutally murdered. Best death I have EVER had in my entire 170+ hours of playing the game. Keep up the great work devs!
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    Johnny reacted to syfy in RELEASED Build 32   
    yeah, that's intentional.
    see, the Devs want to kill us. that's their "secret", they want to kill us (before we even start the game if possible) so they created random Meta Game events like the house alarms, Troll-O-Copter, gunshots and random noises to get the zombies to come into our area and kill us. if you have an alarm go off, leave that area ASAP.
    edited to add " "
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    Johnny got a reaction from SnapTheFurryFox in Problems in the heaven (RolePlay)(open to everyone who want to join)   
    Fuggin White Walkers....
    They're to blame for the outbreak, I know it
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    Johnny reacted to EnigmaGrey in Is it possible to make a gas chamber?   
    Now now. Some famous author said if science is advanced enough, it seems like magic.
    *Slices cake, eats it too.*
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    Johnny reacted to syfy in Is it possible to make a gas chamber?   
    its jaw muscles do not need air from lungs or anything else. the neurons are still firing on a basic level telling it that there is something to bite
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    Johnny reacted to ander01se in Is it possible to make a gas chamber?   
    You evil Nazi!
    No need to thank me!
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    Johnny reacted to EnigmaGrey in Is it possible to make a gas chamber?   
    Well, zombies really are magic.
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    Johnny reacted to LeoIvanov in Is it possible to make a gas chamber?   
    Since we're talking about zombies that are heavily inspired by Romero and Max Brooks lore, then the tl;dr answer is : No.
    Zombies absolutely don't need the working, functional lungs, or to consume oxygen in any way to continue their motor functions. You can literally pull their lungs from inside out through their mouth, cut them off and they will still be walking around and attempt to bite you. The only thing they'll not be able to do is moan and create sounds with their mouths, if that happened.
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    Johnny reacted to Blasted_Taco in Is it possible to make a gas chamber?   
    I don't think zombies give 2 fucks about gas at all, they are walking corpses, maybe for NPC suvivors it would be a great idea to wait till they are asleep, put a generator inside their safehouse and start it.
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    Johnny reacted to EasyPickins in RELEASED Build 32   
    I sunk the boat then threw out lifejackets.
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    Johnny reacted to Collophonius in Statistics after Death / Memorial Wall/Diary   
    After surviving more than 2 days with one character I usually get overly emotionally connected. Whenever the character dies I feel sad (like really sad) and I wish there was a place to remember the horribly great moments: finally finding the long missed trowel, fortifing the safe house, the mall visit, patching up the broken leg and scratched arm, death, ...
    My suggestion:
    A Diary of the Dead that shows you a ton of statistics about your character after death / in main menu to look at and compare/share. You click on "Diary" and see the story of your vanished characters.

    Most data is already gathered in-game but only available while character is alive:
    - name, picture of character
    - days survived
    - traits, jobs, ...
    - killed zombies
    - skills
    - health status
    additionally I suggest
    - most used weapon
    - most consumed food
    - health status over time / scars
    Maybe a timechart that shows some important moments: injuries, first farming success, first crafted rain collector,...
    All this could also be supported by pictures/screenshots, say the safe house (place where char slept most) or the place of death. Or a short video of the last 10 in-game-sec beofre death?
    The Diary could be optional / the player could be asked after character death if he/she/x wants to keep the diary (the stats) and save them.
    What you think about it?
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    Johnny reacted to Kirrus in RELEASED Build 32   
    PZ bundles Java on Windows, so it should work without issue on Windows 10.
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    Johnny reacted to LeoIvanov in RELEASED Build 32   
    Jokes aside, can't wait to test out how spread out and hard it is going to be with this new spawning fix. As long as alarms and meta sounds stay as deadly as they are, I'm willing to experiment.
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