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  1. New version updated that fixes coffee and Irish coffee. Unfortunately, the way the vanilla whiskey is set up it uses a full bottle of whiskey to make one cup of Irish coffee. To counter that, I added a new item Rationed Whiskey. Basically, take a full bottle and right-click to ration it. You can't drink it directly anymore but you can use it for four Irish coffees. Thanks for pointing out the broken coffee recipes. Anything else with water that isn't working? Thanks for the quick fix! It looks like it was just the coffee recipes that weren't working for me. I can make dough no problem. But speaking of dough, I noticed you could only make bread dough from potato flour. Not sure if that was intentional, I changed it to Flour/PotatoFlour in mine. Another small bug, when you make Hashbrowns you keep the pan, but then eating Hashbrowns returns a pan. Free pans! Changed mine so the Hashbrowns recipe consumes the pan. And finally, a suggestion. How about drying grapes to make raisins? Perfect survival food! Love this mod, btw. It's exactly what the game needs. Drying and jarring has been a massive boost to my survival.
  2. Hey, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out how to make any recipe with water as an ingredient. For example coffee or irish coffee. In my main inv I have an empty mug, coffee, and whiskey. I also have a full water bottle and full kettle AND I'm standing next to the sink. Right-click mug, select brew black coffee, progress bar finishes, but no coffee is made. Same with right-clicking coffee or whiskey first. If I fill the empty mug with water, then the option to brew coffee dissappears from all items. I need my caffeine fix!
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