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  1. Remade whole thing from a scratch, turned out to be pointless, as game reads from everything presented in this folder, even tho i had all those reference files renamed and without extensions. Removed those and all started to work. Now i need to figure out how to make foraging custom items work and make cookable recipes(i presume it has something to do with evolvedrecipes.txt, but right now need to figure out how it works step-by-step).
  2. Probably fairly simple issues, but i cant figure out how to get around them. First, id like to modify few existing items. If i just copy items.txt file into mod folder and do changes there, it works. But as i understand it is possible to make changes to only specific items, excluding those i do not need. So i created new file(id like to create separate files for each category, to make it easier to pinpoint problems and make changes), items_books_changed.txt, copied in there only book data, with all the usual stuff added. But apparently im missing something somewhere as upon loading i
  3. Ohh crap, those commas will be the end of me(this is what happens when you mess up one item and use it as basis for all the next ones). Found it. Thx for all the help... again. Now i need to figure out how to make all those containers stay without any actual containers in inventory. 8) Like a default inventory, where you dont have an container item, but do get an inventory.
  4. Thx a ton, worked great. But another stupid question. Mod is supposed to spawn 6 different items, but spawns only 2 bags and 4 "Blooo" objects. Do i need a timer or something ? Or should i go simply with 3 diffrent key for 3 different spawns(1 for each 2 bags) ? local function addItems(_keyPressed) local key = _keyPressed; -- Store the parameter in a local variable. print(key); -- Prints the pressed key to the console. -- We test if the correct key is pressed. if key == 210 then local player = getSpecificPlayer(0); -- Java: get player one local inv = player:getInventory(); -- Java: a
  5. Ive been at it for like 3 days and i have kinda hit the wall, like Chinas Great Wall, im completely out of ideas. I love the game, but in terms of sorting and organizing its a bust. Sure, its fairly easy when youre at your base surrounded by boxes/cupboards/crates/etc, but when out in the field its extremely basic. And juggling all those backpacks around is really really really annoying. Not to mention i really dislike to let go of my weapon with all those zeds wanting a hug. Ok, enough of crying. With realease of keyring(i play game on/off every now and then) i finally thought that i can get
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