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  1. Thanks! Yep we hope that you're able to play it in the future too! Of course we'll need enough people to back the Kickstarter for that to happen, so do please help spread the word about it to other people.
  2. Hey everyone, we've launched our Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adventurebox/adventure-box-0 We've got cool rewards to thank anyone that backs us, including special in-game items, unique characters, and real physical merchandise. Backers can also be a part of the development process by becoming one of our beta testers and having a say about aspects of the game! Our free alpha test of the "adventure maker" tools is still ongoing. We're now calling it "Adventure Box Labs" and they will be the released seperately as mod tools. They're going to be massively overhauled and eventually become a paid-for product, while the main browser-based RPG will still be a free game. We've also got a free playable engine demo of the RPG. Just click here http://preview.adventurebox.com/ It will run in your web browser. (Works best in google chrome.) Shows the dark, scary atmosphere at the start of the game. CONTROLS:Walk forward/backward/move left/move right: W/S/A/DRotate head: MouseJump: SpacebarSprint: ShiftSpells: Shoot with Mouse Left Click, switch spells with Numbers 1 and 2We've also done a Let's Play/walkthrough video to show off the demo.
  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Here's our funky new logo: We've actually been making some exciting changes to the game's direction. Previously "Adventure Player" mode was going to be the RPG gameplay, while all the creative/building stuff was in "Adventure Maker" mode, where you would build your own RPG adventures. However we realised that the actual process of creating a village by placing buildings in the Adventure Maker mode was so much fun that it could be a game in itself! So now we're implementing that city-building aspect into the RPG gameplay. You play as the heroic leader of a small village that is surrounded by dangerous monsters. You create a character and choose a backstory and attributes, go out and do quests, fight monsters, level up and earn loot. As you do so, you make the land safer for your village and you can then expand it. You can grow your village into a town, then a city, and eventually a huge empire. So it's an RPG crossed with Sim City! You place new houses and buildings and fortifications using a menu system similar to what we devised for the Adventure Maker mode. You unlock new types of building according to your level, what monsters you have encountered and what quests you have completed. You'll also unlock enhancements and new versions of previous buildings. And the look and style of your buildings is affected by your actions... if you become an evil necromancer then your village could become a dark, sinister fortress. How much you can build at any one time depends on the resources available to your village. There may be a forest near your village - a great source of wood, but your village can't use it because it is full of monsters. Go wipe out the monsters and you now have the resources to build a bunch of houses. If you discover another town and make the road safe then you can establish a trade route and gain resources that way. We were able to show our alpha/tech demo at EGX London! We were in the Rezzed (indie game) area. We got a bunch of interviews! Here's a great written interview with WeAreGAMRs http://gamrs.tumblr.com/post/98736497001/creating-a-voxel-adventure-with-aventure-box And here are some video interviews! Many thanks to Epic Geeks and AGradeGamers
  4. Adventure Box is a browser-based RPG voxel game. It's being made by Happy Landlord, an indie dev company based in Sweden and France and headed by seasoned industry professionals. (And me!) There are two ways to play the game: In ADVENTURE MAKER mode you build worlds, design their terrain, seas and skies, and then fill them with villages, towns, people and monsters to create stories and adventures. In ADVENTURE PLAYER mode you create a character and explore the universe of worlds created by other players and the Adventure Box team. You level up your character by defeating monsters, completing quests, and discovering hidden loot. AdventureBox.com YouTube Channel Twitter FaceBook SIGN UP FOR THE ALPHA! Adventure Box is currently in closed alpha, but anyone can become an alpha tester by entering your email address on AdventureBox.com There’s also an alpha signup tab on the FaceBook page. We regularly give out large batches of alpha keys so you shouldn't have to wait long to get yours. Alpha is updated EVERY WEEKEND Report a bug or provide some feedback and you can see something fixed or improved in just a couple of days! The changelog is posted on the site every Sunday. You can also follow the game’s progress on YouTube and Twitter. "HELP US REBUILD" The game takes place in a Tolkien-esque high fantasy world ... that was destroyed 300 years ago in the devastating “War of the Warlocks”. (OK maybe we need to work on a better name for that.) The world has begun to recover from this magical apocalypse, and it is now time to rebuild and protect this new fragile peace, restore the glorious empires of the past and lay out the foundation to even mightier empires of the future. That’s the story and setting for the Adventure Box universe, with “Help us Rebuild” being the driving force of the game. Rebuilding the world can be done in many different ways. As an Adventure Player you can become a warrior who defends the empire, a magician that battles demons and dark witches, or an explorer that searches the unknown for lost parts of the world and reconnects one country area with another. Adventure Maker mode also fits the theme of the game, as the ability to edit levels makes you a god-like being with the power to literally rebuild the world. A VOXEL GAME... HAHAHA LOOKS LIKE YOU JUST WANTED TO CLONE MINECRAFT (Voxels are those 3D pixels/blocks used for Minecraft, Cube World etc) I’ve never actually tried Minecraft. I’m into games with strong singleplayer stories. (And games that let you mow down bad guys with a minigun or incinerate them with a flamethrower.) My prior experience of voxels is limited to the vehicles in C&C Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. Adventure Box’s main inspiration is stuff like RPG Maker, Project Spark and Little Big Planet. In Adventure Maker mode you build worlds and populate them with characters and monsters. You choose their stats and abilities, write a story and dialogue and create your own RPG adventure. If you’re a masochist you can build everything block-by-block, but there’s a huge selection of pre-made characters and structures that allow you to build entire towns in minutes. There are all kinds of themes: medieval swords & sorcery, Victorian steampunk, ancient Egypt or China, even giant mechs and robots! Once you’ve built your adventure you can then share it with friends. Adventure Box is browser-based (and free!) so you can just stick your world’s URL online and anyone can click on it and start playing your adventure, no downloads required. You can also build portals to connect your world to those created by other Adventure Makers. DID YOU SAY IT'S A FREE BROWSER GAME? SOUNDS LIKE SOME CRAPPY FLASH GAME FOR CASUALS No downloads, no installations, Adventure Box runs in your HTML5 enabled browser. Don’t underestimate it, though – Adventure Box has modern 3D graphics and shaders. It’s not massively demanding – it’s a voxel game, not Crysis – but don’t expect it to run on an old office PC intended for emails and spreadsheets. Adventure Box’s engine is far more sophisticated than other voxel games and our cubes have properties and physics. For example water can freeze to ice, or evaporate. Streams will flow downhill according to the shape of the terrain. In principle you can build your own working steam engine (utilizing “voxel thermodynamics”). You are free to control and set most things, including physical laws for your world. The initial world creation process is both highly customisable and easy to use, with you able to adjust key values such as ‘cavern frequency’ or ‘temperature zones’. It will then procedurally generate a vast and unique world for you to build on and populate. You can choose whether the place is volcanically active and what sort of lava is created. Yes, for some reason we have three types of lava – molten granite, molten sandstone, and molten glass – that have different physical properties. It’s up to you how deep you delve into fine-tuning the details of your world. I JUST WANT TO PLAY GAMES, I DON'T WANT TO MAKE THEM. The Adventure Box team is working on a number of worlds and adventures that will be included in the beta. In the first intro adventure the player will take on the role of one of the heroic “Ghost Hunters” and track down and defeat creatures, as well as being given a number of small quests and a secret “end game” mission. This is our way of introducing the Adventure Box universe and the various functions and assets for the game. The player will lean to use the advanced battle system, magic, ranged weapons and ghost traps. This is also where the players will be introduced to the history and lore of the ancient fantasy world. The Ghost Hunter adventure is also a form of guide or template for creating your own game. IF IT IS FREE, HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY? THERE HAD BETTER BE NO PAY-TO-WIN CRAP In Adventure Maker mode there will be exclusive packs that will be paid-for DLC. For example, hypothetically there might be a “Goblin Pack” that includes a huge variety of Goblin creatures as well as Goblin-themed houses, castles, boats and airships. The pack might cost one or two dollars/pounds/euros. All Adventure Makers would have access to a massive library of characters, creatures and structures... but not Goblins, so if you specifically like the look of the Goblin creatures and assets then you would have to pay to use them in your worlds. However, if you make a world using Goblin assets you can share your adventure with anyone and they can play it for free without owning the Goblin Pack. You’ll also see Goblin stuff in the official adventures created by the Adventure Box team. We are also considering ways that players and creators might earn paid-for content without having to pay anything, such as introducing friends to the game, or playing for a certain number of hours, or completing several RPG adventures. So if you are a hardcore Adventure Box fan you’ll regularly earn new packs for free, but if you want your first world to be an epic quest in a Goblin empire you’ll have to shell out a few bucks. IS THERE MULTIPLAYER? We shall be including multiplayer so friends can team up and become a band of adventurers that play through quests together. It won’t be an MMO though, so you won’t see hundreds of players wandering through the same land. IS THE GAME ANY FUN YET? Adventure Box is still in very early Alpha stages. You can create worlds in Adventure Maker mode, but in Adventure Player mode there isn't any actual gameplay yet - combat, AI and dialogue are not functional at the moment. You can build some pretty impressive stuff though, and stuff like the battle system and dialogue should be implemented in the next few weeks.
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