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  1. I haven't been keeping track of my last few runs but I had 6-7 attempts. I i found that the with new respawn the 1st week or so has gotten a lot harder and the majority of the time I died in the first couple days. it does seem to get easier after that but there are occasional clumps of zombies.
  2. with the new professions couldn't thee be a "Hunter" profession or "Archer" profession that was able to already have some skill?
  3. This is something really simple that's bugged me for a long time. When using your gun you don't know how many more shots you have left. I know it is like real life but you should be able to click a button and have you remove the mag and count the bullets. it would save a lot of wasted shots and unneeded reloading. The second idea is being able to unload guns. *drops mic.
  4. I think its a great idea. if you were to loot a house in "real life" the useful items wouldn't be automatically presented to you. you would have to search through piles of useless junk to get to anything you can use!
  5. in the book World War Z there is a part where a girl climbs i tree to sleep for the night. the next morning when she wakes up it is surrounded by 100+ zombies! she ends up jumping out of the tree and breaking her ankle and if things like this happened in the game it would be fantastic!
  6. This is a great idea I really hope it gets added in the future!
  7. I really hope this gets added
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