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  1. So that's what my spleen looks like...
  2. I don't mind the idea, but don't forget that we're the characters here that we're playing are meant to be Joe Average Survivor; if Athlete or Stunt Man were introduced as professions then I'd say have that ability set with those career paths specifically. Also it's not something that you'd be able to do with carrying much past a bottle of water and some snacks, let alone a fully laden rucksack, and I'm not leaving my rucksack full of scavenged goods behind
  3. Omm-nom-nom-nom... and I've just noticed something new and improved! Thanks for the great title - it's like having an early birthday pressie!
  4. Because there's this whole 'hybrid' theory at the moment, I'll follow the sheep... for once and vote for the hybrid blend! ... ... please don't kill me...
  5. Because I'm a pack-rat at heart, I'd be interested in some kind of multi-pocket explorer/travel vest; would be great for organising my 'everyday essentials' in the inventory. In jest: Oakley sunglasses - I'd love to scrounge a couple of boxes of those overpriced suckers
  6. Unless the outbreak/patient zero is in Oz, I'm sitting pretty Steam or Origin?
  7. Been able to pick out what books to snap up during quick scavenging runs just from book colour alone is a wonderful idea will this be something you're looking to provide as a mod/adding to an existing one?
  8. Yep - when I ws staying over at a mate's house he left me to walk home from the petrol station; came back to get me when I was halfway back because I was the one who was buying the snacks wasn't intentional - he's one of those unfortunate 'true blue birdbrain' folks. You're stuck in the middle of the Zed Apocalypse - bicycle or motorised vehicle for transport?
  9. It IS a crowning moment of funny when you have a proverbial 'broad side of a barn' moment shooting at a horde of 30+ zeds with a pistol and you don't even score a skim-shot; that's happened to me a couple of times and when it does I always picture the front line of zeds trying to laugh at my antics through necrotic lungs and doing most excellent Beavis and Butthead impressions
  10. I hate to be a heel, but I think you're toeing the line... Sorry, behaving now Actually Viceroy's pic has got me thinking - is there any thought to implementing a kick instead of/including a shove as an unarmed attack? Dunno about the rest of you fine folk but I'd be more comfortable having a steelcapped boot attempting to knock over a zed rather than a couple of unprotected hands I'll post that up on the suggestions box.
  11. That's the same place I started forting up on my primary game; mine pretty much mirrors your setup except for the blockhouse on the eastern side and the very awesome sentry point you've set up from the main building. Great work!
  12. Big Hiking Bag, Hammer and Beef Jerky... in reverse order
  13. Just call him Shorts Nicker like a rather inebriated mate of mine did one time... not to his face, mind...
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