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  1. Hello again, looking to get back into this again... Can anyone confirm if this mod is still working. Or if there is any other farming mods available? For 37.4
  2. How do i edit the Wooden crate? Wanted to increase the size a little bit. I can't seem to be able to find it in media. If i can't edit it, What does one need to create a new crate? Been awhile just getting back into PZ. Thanks, EDIT: Ok, so I've searched and searched since posting this trying to get it to work, I've got a menu to build it but my texture isn't showing when i go to build it, it's just the wood floor. Racking my brain here cause almost all posts i find and very few are from 2-4 yrs ago roughly. Have googled allot on the subject I tr
  3. I'll need to try it, my favorite mod lol. Just started playing pz again couple days ago or so.
  4. Not working in current version of PZ. See crafthelper in game, but gives no recipe info.
  5. Lol, Glad you got it working !
  6. You getting the All_zip from the google drive? Has everything in it.
  7. I'm on test version 31.13, steam friend and i play on server quite allot with no issues. . Not sure what the issue is. 1.canning 2. craft helper 3.Cremation 4.garden 5.JPM 6.mine 7.Random. is order they are in on my mods things in game. And yes it has stack traces but still works. You have any other mods loaded other than ones on server? Cause server checks lua files b4 letting people in. Should unload any other mods you have going. And if redownloaded the all zip should delete ones in mod folder first. for fresh reinstall.
  8. There's 2 places for mods main dir in steam games and documents. Not sure which on is for the game. Other one is for server.
  9. Just reuploaded everything to make sure all same version, can try again if you want. EDIT: Just tested it works.
  10. World: Is the loot respawn and zombie respawn real life days or in game days? Cause if its in game days don't think its working correctly. Been several months and no loot has respawned. And i have it set per week. Thanks,
  11. Any word yet? Really need to craft some sheets of metal lol....I have my mod calling your module to use sheets of metal and such in recipes. So very high demand for metal at the moment rofl. Take you time, Just kidding around.
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