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  1. A previous build had movable wheelie bins, so I`m continually hoping to be able to trundle the gas grills around. the graphic already has little wheels On the subject of bullet wounds. My brother uses .243 and .270 calibre rifles when hunting red deer, and the damage those bullets do is pretty major since they`re designed to expand and take down the target rather than it running off with a clean wound after the bullet has passed through and hit something/one else. In the world of PZ, the most likely rifle rounds to be found will be ones used for hunting, so a human hit with a .308 expanding
  2. I ran into a couple of minor issues when trying this out. I installed Peyno`s lost weapon mod, the map mod that slots in the town of Dreadwood, Canning Essentials, then started a fresh game (sandbox, with abundant loot, but still early on so can`t comment on spawn rates yet). When I came to do a bit of canning I had already read the advanced cooking, so had the x8 multiplier. I used the home/end to get the items needed, and set to work. Cooked two batches of mush in a kettle, (one 14 one 7) and followed the six steps in the guide. Produced them all right but the grey experience bar increas
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