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  1. By client do you mean my own files? Because I've done that. Took the file from the v1.15.rar and pasted it into steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid as well as common/Project Zomboid Dedicated Server/ PZ Server Settings as that is where the zombie folder is for the server and still no dice.
  2. I've tried only using the Zombie folder and disabling the Extension and while I can connect to the server, the models don't show.
  3. Oh, cool. Would I also install the zombie folder into the project zomboid dedicated server folder?
  4. I have tried that and I can connect to my own server just fine but my friend can\t. You said you removed the lua folder but it's still there, so I'm confused.
  5. I'm still getting lua checksums errors on V1.15. Why?
  6. Colinz


    Uhh.. please excuse my ignorance, but I can't seem to find the download link anywhere.
  7. Specifically, I have to delete the servertest folder, which I believe is the one that carries the map data.
  8. I host a server once, it's fine, it works. I close the server and then the next time I try to open it, I get this: http://puu.sh/aKrNk/487e26bf8c.png The only way I can fix this is to delete my Multiplayer folder in Users/Me/Zomboid, which means I have to delete my character every time. This is on Build 27.
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