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  1. Craftable weapon: Knife foot 5 knifes + tape + foot It's a foot with a knife taped onto every toe. Devs, make it happen.
  2. You die by slipping in the shower and getting a concussion, then proceeding to choke on you own vomit. Wow, that was kinda harsh.
  3. "There's a zombie banging at the door. I can take it. I'm sure it's just one." 7 zombies ran into the tiny bathroom and I was only armed with a kitchen knife. Worst part: There was a window that I could have easily climbed out of, and I only noticed it on the death screen.
  4. Remember, the pinned post up top says to make separate posts for all your ideas. Other then that, some epic weapon ideas!
  5. I was GOING to say pancake, but the photo of the waffle really changed my mind... Gonna have to say waffle.
  6. Ohh, now I see what you mean. My bad. Yeah, maybe some day all the characters you create have different preferences. Like, eating this makes them happy and eating that makes them sad. It would be interesting.
  7. Update: restart fixed the problem. Weird. Anyway, topic can be closed.
  8. I tested just a while ago, and putting on a vest made me still have the same outfit, IE long sleeved shirt.
  9. Now, I'm not sure if this falls under "Sprites" in the list of "Things not to make posts about", but if it does, please forgive me. Anyway, I noticed that putting on different clothes doesn't actually change the clothes on the character, just the color. I feel like the clothes should appear different then each other. If I want to be a grown man wearing a skirt, I should be able to do just that. I mean, come on. Is there any more awesome way to kill zombies?
  10. I don't really see a point for this. They already have heat and cold effects.
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