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  1. Ezah Desaf

    server soft reset termination

    any one at all to help with this problem would be much appreciated i know its been months but still need help lol.
  2. Ezah Desaf

    server soft reset termination

    hey all its been a while but i've been running a server with some friend for a little but and i just went to do a soft rest from in the game and the process terminates after about 30 - 40%. is there a way i can get it to finish the reset?
  3. server has been soft reset as of last night sorry for the delay in telling you guys
  4. hey hydro, i'll have a talk with hamu about it and see what he says. sorry about long response time there i've been a bit busy there doesnt seem to be an issues, what exactly have you entered in the available fields before trying to enter the server.
  5. servers been hard reset and back up guys enjoy
  6. hey server has been updated sorry for the delay guys been on holiday. enjoy
  7. yeah i changed it again sorry keep forgetting that one thing
  8. server is done and up and running
  9. yeah same version
  10. sorry its happening now
  11. hard reset in coming tomorrow to get the server of beta branch.
  12. ok server is up and running. if you have a problem where it crash. go to your multiplayer folder and delete your character but keep the back up, then rename your back up minus the back up part and load up back in to server and it should be fine.
  13. there is no mods but i'll disable lau check just to be sure
  14. server is up and running again guys sorry for the delay and it is on build 30.12 enjoy
  15. its not you the server is down completely. i'm waiting on support to tell me whats wrong with it and i've waited 12 hours for them to do that. fragnet are being slow with this problem solving. it'll be up as soon as i can get it up sorry to you and everyone else waiting for the server to return