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  1. Pierre

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Excellent, kiss goodbye to the rest of the evening.
  2. Pierre

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Yep, me too. Been checking every hour or so!
  3. Pierre

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Managed to find 2 cars in Muldraugh but nothing else. Drove to West Point, no cars, drove to the new map areas, no cars. I played the vehicle branch several days ago, lots of cars. Patch 38.10 of vehicle branch.....no cars! tried several times checking vehicles box clicked, spawning in different areas and.....no vehicles. Me thinks something has been left from the update?
  4. Pierre

    I Cracked The Late Game!

    I'm of the opinion that the 'true to life' way the zombies act now is pretty much how a 'true to life' game like this should do things not scripting attacks etc. Yep obviously I wanna cower down in my base whilst zombies try to break in but I believe that once the NPC's bed in, they will drag zombies around after them and we will get the hoards we desire. I've been spanking the zombie genre on kindle and must be up to 30+ books read, in a lot of these the 'Raiders' drag a hoard to attack the bases of the good guys, maybe a tactic for evil raider NPC's. I'm well up for the NPC's. Wonder if were friendly when we can get them to do stuff for us, possible difficult to program??? How about how State of Decay does it, if you are friendly enough with an NPC then you can switch over to that character then switch to yourself as an when you need them to do something. I'm sure the devs can come up with a good system but whilst I'm mulling it through, it seems a tough one. That's two or three topics in one post!!
  5. Pierre

    RELEASED: Build 31

    Nice work RJ they seem to work well now (checked corned beef, tinned carrots and tinned corn. All openable, shows opened tins and edible).. I got a XP boost to cooking just for opening the tins? not a problem, just an initial observation, (I was play testing on sandbox with xp boost). How awesome is it to have devs who not only check forums but immediately fix game in minutes. YOU GUYS ROCK!
  6. Pierre

    RELEASED: Build 31

    Yep, started a new game build 31.3 corned beef had no stats eg. +10 etc and canned carrots just disappeared once opened. Zuccuni seems to work ok with soups. Keep up the great work guys
  7. Pierre

    RELEASED: Build 31

    Hi, Just getting to grips with 31.3. Couple of problems. The new cans etc are in place. I opened the corned beef and got opened corned beef but couldn't eat it. I opened tins of carrots and they just disappeared from my menu as thought opened carrots hadn't been done? I was half way through a 31.1 game so maybe that caused a problem with an update to 31.3 halfway through a game? Anyway just thought I'd mention. I'll start a new game and test.