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  1. it's real though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Then_There_Were_None#Publication_and_book_title_history I know, and whoever wrote that needs a brain transplant. It was written a long time ago-- In other countries it sometimes goes by that name, but mostly it's since been retitled. The author Agatha Christie died in 1976 after suffering from Alzheimer's. Was she a little racist? Yes and no; Agatha Christie chose the title of her masterpiece by naming it after a popular song at the time that shared some of the themes of her book. Was she a good writer? Yes-- the book is regarded as one of the best mystery novels ever written. Was it a poor decision to name it what she did? Yes. At the time of publication the word was already falling out of favor in America and several other countries. It was still commonplace in England however. Was it a poor decision to put it in the mod with the original title? Yeah. It was an offensive title back in it's time, it's still offensive today-- But most of all it would be RARE to find that particular iteration of the book, old title and all in 1980s-1990's Muldraugh, Kentucky. Final Verdict. A word is a word; it gets slung around everyday with no one realizing what kind of connotations it has-- but what is more important than those connotations and associations is THE INTENT the speaker/writer has for the word. If you're using a word to belittle or oppress an entire race of people-- it's still not bad; the person is. Agatha Christie wasn't a bad person-- she was an author. The person who put her work in the mod was working with a list of books and probably didn't realize that someone might be offended-- or maybe he thought he was adding in a sort of literature easter egg/gag. But the intent was not harmful. I realized that . leaves to look for plagirized content
  2. Not really sure how to install it. Could you put a tutorial in the desc?
  3. You know you play 2 much PZ when you try to collect the remaining water from a sink instead of turning the faucet on instead.
  4. Sometimes I feel like I want to make the start year go past 2111 and under 2012. Could somebody also make a mod so that you can select your character's birthday and/or age? It would be pretty cool.
  6. Sounds like a cool idea, hope the devs add it in.
  7. I don't need to, I managed to beat Panthera Cantus. I think that gets me gloating rights! Also don't know if you've noticed, but the soundtrack is missing the best song in the entire game: I know, i'm fuckin pissed that they left that out. I have the entire soundtrack, it came with Solo Remix (it was on sale or something)
  8. 2fresh4me Anyway, i'm listening to https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/world-ends-you-original-soundtrack/id278237713 I LIKE THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU!!!! deal with it. square enix is best (but final fantasy sucks ass)
  9. it's real though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_Then_There_Were_None#Publication_and_book_title_history I know, and whoever wrote that needs a brain transplant.
  10. Looks pretty cool, i'm going to try it out.
  11. Ok thanks, it would help plenty of people who aren't to tech-savvy
  12. I would be pretty enthusiastic if you did that, if you do, could you put a readme in the mod files or a tutorial in this topic on how to add your own shouts?
  13. I agree. There are not enough maps for PZ and the map editor is probably very annoying (i've never used it).
  14. The system reminds me of Fallout 3 for some reason.
  15. One of these (purely for laffs ) should be "Hey!!!! Boris the Animal!" (correct me if i spelled it wrong) and one of the whispers should be "You're gonna lose" like from MIB3? It would make me laugh if you added that in
  16. "Agatha Christie - Ten Little Niggers" k....then.....
  17. Hmm, sounds pretty cool. Port forwarding is a pain in the arse, this sounds like it's going to be a good idea. Hope one of the PZ devs notices it.
  18. I'd like to request you move the download link to somewhere else other than zippyshare. It's a pain in the arse to get it to download with the thousands of ads saying DOWNLOAD when it's not the actual download link. Anyway, it's a pretty cool and fun map! Sorry for your loss, real nice of you to devote this in your friends' memory.
  19. Loominarty conformed. GET GUD M8
  20. I ignored a survivor with full nimble and lightfooted because he closed a door on me and opened it. TRUE STORY
  21. You know you've played too much zomboid when you put bell peppers,leek and ramen noodles into a soup/stew expecting it to taste good.
  22. Looks pretty cool. Wanna play it pretty bad already.
  23. I know the dropbox link isn't working because the newest version breaks the game , but could you possibly upload the older version of this map? I really want to play it!!!!
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