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  1. Realised I have put this thread in the wrong section, as should be in the 'indie scene' section. Can an Admin or Mod move if for me please Thanks again, Jack @ aPriori Digital
  2. Aperion Origins is a top down high action twin stick shooter where the player must fight through increasingly difficult waves of enemies across a variety of challenging arenas. At the start of each wave a random selection of power-ups spawn and the player must learn use them tactically in order to survive. Completing waves, getting high kill streaks and destroying enemies rewards the player with gems that can be used to unlock new levels and ships as well as permanently increase the power and duration of power-ups. The multiplier is achieved by killing enemies and not being damaged, keeping your multiplier will ensure a super high-score ! Cross platform leader boards are implemented to allow for competitive play between players for both iOS and Android devices from all around the world ! Youtube Trailer Game features 4 playable ships to accommodate different styles of play. Standard, Left-handed and one-finger auto fire controls. 8 maps of nerve-shredding tension (+16 maps via in app purchase). 5 difficulties to test your skill. 12 mega power-ups to overpower your foes. Outrun (or charge towards) 11 different enemy types Global and local leader boards Platforms Currently it is available to download for iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets), other platforms will be considered at some point if enough interest (Windows phone) iOS http://goo.gl/I3Lp5w Android http://goo.gl/c4Kti3 The game is available in all countries in English. We are looking at translating the game into other languages in the near future but we designed the game with accessibility in mind. Cost The game is FREE on iOS and Android. The game can be experienced for free for as long as you like, with extra map packs available via in-app purchases. All power-ups and ships are available in free-version. Leader board The game features a cross platform (iOS and Android) leader board of local and global high scores. The player’s top score will be submitted to the global score board which will display the top scores from around the world from each player, additionally Facebook support has been include to show off high scores to your friends. Performance Apple: iPhone 4s and above. ipad2 and above. ipod 5th gene and above. Android : Operating system: Android 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) and above. Recommended RAM 512MB and higher. Hope you all enjoy the game and if you can rate/review the game that would be a massive help to us! Any questions about anything feel free to ask Thanks everyone, Jack @ Apriori Digital
  3. Yeah looks great and very different having an MMO crossed with a Shmup but looks like it works Interested to see how it develops !
  4. Art style is truly amazing and a lot of time has gone into the art and it has paid off Good luck with the Kickstarter also !!
  5. Looks cool and a great start to your adventure into making games
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