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  1. "I think I'm gonna die.. ** " and i died like 30 seconds later
  2. I would always skip on pie/cake as a kid when at birthdays. But now I like pie, it's really good.
  3. Just listened to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f03m6Vkl00Q&list=UU5nc_ZtjKW1htCVZVRxlQAQ&index=6
  4. I didn't even had a clue there was a mall. Good to know time to go there and die.
  5. I magically found it in my steam library, muahaha. All nonsense aside, I bought it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when it was still on Desura and in really early stages. Played some of it, learned the basic controls and then I never touched it again until I well, magically found it in my steam library again
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