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  1. To OP and everyone waiting on NPCs, First off, I don't think it's a ridiculous thing to ask about to see what the status is, esp as some people have said if they just hopped on the forums to check in after not playing a while, and I think the rest of the community would do good to just explain the status nicely, or link to a post that talks about it, and try to, you know, stay lovely. I have been playing since the pre-alpha, I super want NPCs back too and I think it's an important feature that will really flesh out the single player experience, and it makes sense that a lot of peop
  2. Like some other people have commented before me, I do like the challenge but I think the zombies are a bit too strongly attracted to each other which leads to super-concentrated areas and areas with almost nobody and not a lot in between. Someone also suggested having a small percentage of zombies not react or react less to meta events, which seems like it could be good. As it is right now they've congregated into groups of a couple dozen in a kinda churning, mosh pit sort of constant movement. I'm playing on survival and am a month and a few weeks in. Unfortunately, my "safe"house is right
  3. No, sadly. Provided you pick a safehouse on the outskirts of town and have a good enough carpentry skill, lategame is still pretty safe. I don't mean in the middle of the woods either - just pick the very corner house of the suburbs and you're extremely unlikely to encounter a colossal horde (unless you head into town for supplies but the whole point of late game is that you've eliminated that need - you've got a farm/fishing hole and your rain collection/river water set up so why would you need to? It's frustrating cos I thought it was fixed too. Of course the way to "unfix" it is to not li
  4. I decided having an in-game spiffo plushie wasn't enough, so I made up a pattern to make an irl crochet one. I'm considering making a second one to mail to the devs, any thoughts? Also if anyone else's into crochet (not sure if there are many in this crowd lol) I could send pics of my pattern, however it's handwritten and kinda rough so it might be a tad hard to figure out
  5. Mainly for late game farming, you could put rotted produce in a compost pile (maybe a craftable box type thing) that would turn into fertilizer for the new plants and give me something to do with this massive mound of rotten lettuce and potatoes.
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