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  1. Basically the title, waited several hours in game but no cooking bar appeared and it remained "dangerous uncooked". Literally unplayable /s
  2. To OP and everyone waiting on NPCs, First off, I don't think it's a ridiculous thing to ask about to see what the status is, esp as some people have said if they just hopped on the forums to check in after not playing a while, and I think the rest of the community would do good to just explain the status nicely, or link to a post that talks about it, and try to, you know, stay lovely. I have been playing since the pre-alpha, I super want NPCs back too and I think it's an important feature that will really flesh out the single player experience, and it makes sense that a lot of people are a bit frustrated at the wait. That being said, to everyone making analogies about ordering a pizza and getting something half baked and not a pizza, and feeling like they aren't getting what they've paid for based on what was advertised, I would suggest you read the info in the steam store page for PZ. It is made clear that you are buying the game as it currently is, and it's suggested if the current content isn't interesting to you you come back once it's finished. On a similar note, the early access version is cheaper then what they plan for 1.0 to cost, to factor in that it's incomplete. They even go into detail on the development costs for all the developers, and how income from the game goes towards that: While they're making enough money from steam sales to save up, given how small their team is it sounds like from their summary that taking on more full-time developers would be a significant increase in costs and isn't sustainable with their current sales. (I had been wondering as well why they haven't just expanded their staff). TLDR; It's fair to be frustrated about the wait for some of the major features, but I feel like the devs have been very open and clear about the what they are bringing to the table, and that when you purchase the early access version of the game you are paying for the game as-is. In regards to the actual original question, unfortunately we don't know when NPCs and vehicles will go into the game, but as some people previously stated some of these features like animations and such make more sense to do first so they don't end up redoing all of them later after adding in more content. I'd rather wait until after new animations to get NPCs, then to get unfinished NPCs that need to be removed later to be updated with the animation system intended for PZ v1.0. P.S. I'm not trying to come off as condescending or rude and I hope you guys don't interpret this this way, I just think this is important info to keep in mind. We're all in the same boat here.
  3. Like some other people have commented before me, I do like the challenge but I think the zombies are a bit too strongly attracted to each other which leads to super-concentrated areas and areas with almost nobody and not a lot in between. Someone also suggested having a small percentage of zombies not react or react less to meta events, which seems like it could be good. As it is right now they've congregated into groups of a couple dozen in a kinda churning, mosh pit sort of constant movement. I'm playing on survival and am a month and a few weeks in. Unfortunately, my "safe"house is right splat in the middle of an INCREDIBLY concentrated area (I haven't relocated out of stubbornness). It nearly always has a mob of 300+ wandering around nearby, making looting missions tricky at best. Meta events don't really make a difference to my area, as one group will move out and another moves in, leaving about the same result in my front yard. Also my base (a boarded up second story room with sheet ropes) has the first floor entrances being completely broken into on a regular basis, which is actually pretty cool. Of course when I manage to get a couple blocks away everything is super empty. Also, late game things such as farming and construction seem to be impossible for me to start doing as I'm constantly boarded up in my tiny upstairs bedroom and can't possibly plant crops
  4. No, sadly. Provided you pick a safehouse on the outskirts of town and have a good enough carpentry skill, lategame is still pretty safe. I don't mean in the middle of the woods either - just pick the very corner house of the suburbs and you're extremely unlikely to encounter a colossal horde (unless you head into town for supplies but the whole point of late game is that you've eliminated that need - you've got a farm/fishing hole and your rain collection/river water set up so why would you need to? It's frustrating cos I thought it was fixed too. Of course the way to "unfix" it is to not live in one of those places - set yourself the challenge of surviving in downtown or, heck, even the *middle* of the suburbs and the game is suddenly hella difficult. Sort of sucks that you have to pick an unsafe safehouse to ensure the game stays fun though. My experience so far is quite the opposite, my safe houses (on the city outskirts, not downtown) are being invaded every once in a while. In fact I had to live a nomad life for some quite time due to the hordes pressing onto me relentlessly. Now I have 3 bases (I actually need that many if I wish to survive long term) and cycle between them if sh*t hits the fan. Maybe if you mess a bit with your sandbox rules? My zombie population is on high and have them respawn every week with 80% of initial numbers. It's fun as hell, can't wait for NPCs Edge of the city or edge of the suburbs? The "totally safe" houses I've been finding are generally on the very edge of the suburbs - there should be no houses immediately behind them, a road in front and a house only on one side. Here is the house I survived for a merry month in, most of it spent chopping wood and sawing outside, whilst never encountering a horde. I even had meta events going on nearby and no one came to the party. When I eventually got bit, while out on a run, I actually went back to my house and fired off all my guns, ran around and yelled to see if I could attract their attention, but nada. My absolute dream in this game is to have my well-fortified safehouse attacked by a gigantic horde, but the problem is: if you try and build a well fortified safehouse in a built up area, you die. If you build one out of the way, you never encounter a horde (never may be going too far - I accept 27 days might not be long enough to know for sure, but I'm pretty confident that if I'd made that last run successfully, I could have lived in my little hidey-hole for an extremely long time before an unlikely confluence of metagame events brought a horde anywhere near me - indeed I'm not even sure if it's possible as I don't know if metagame events can drag zombies in from non-streamed areas). *Recites The Holy Incantation* One day, NPCs will fix this. Yeah I have a player that's at about a month and a half, and I've had a VASTLY different experience (in survival). I'm in the upper story of a house and there's almost ALWAYS been massive hordes wandering around outside, it's terrifying. They've broken through my first floor defenses many times (windows and doors with 3+ barricades), and at one point I spent nearly a week locked inside surviving off of dogfood until they got bored and moved on. Of course my safehouse is in the middle of west point, not the edges of town, so it's hard to say. I've never actually had a tough fortress get swarmed by hordes, so this is quite a change.
  5. I decided having an in-game spiffo plushie wasn't enough, so I made up a pattern to make an irl crochet one. I'm considering making a second one to mail to the devs, any thoughts? Also if anyone else's into crochet (not sure if there are many in this crowd lol) I could send pics of my pattern, however it's handwritten and kinda rough so it might be a tad hard to figure out
  6. Mainly for late game farming, you could put rotted produce in a compost pile (maybe a craftable box type thing) that would turn into fertilizer for the new plants and give me something to do with this massive mound of rotten lettuce and potatoes.
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