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    The only way to kill boredom so far is by reading books or magazines, that's not bad, of course not. But not everyone in the post-apocalyptic world would read books to entertain themselves, even knowing the fact that literature is the easiest way to create entertainment.
    The survivors could find some other ways to pass the time, of course that some of these ways could be more difficult to achieve.
    The main idea is basically introduce an actual use for these 4 items: Earbuds, Headphones, CD player and CDs. It's obvious at this point what is the use that I'm implying for these items. There could be the function to "upload" music to your game, with the basic data to put in a CD(band name, number of songs, name of songs and their respective duration). The CDs would spawn in the world, with each one containing a individual album or recopilation of songs. The CDs are reproduce by the CD player that could only need one battery to run for 4-6 hours, and both the earbuds or headphones are used to hear the music. Listening to music would lower your boredom but also make harder to hear sounds of the ambient, and it could get even harder with higher volumes.
    The portable game console could be also charged with batteries and used to play with, but while playing it will emit noise. (I think that this one was already suggested, in that case if the suggester is reading these please note that I'm not stealing your idea, I only don't remember your username  ).
    Aditionally, dolls, teddy bears, bricktoys, cubes , yoyos and spiffos could be used to play and lower both unhappiness and boredom. Also writing in journals or in any similar objects could lower your boredom.
    Furthermore, while playing or reading more than the necessary could generate "joyful" moodles that increase slighty your XP gain. But if you overuse a certain entertainment item your character could get bored of it and then getting again a bored moodle.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to King jjwpenguin in Need more planks to board long windows.   
    I agree. And what about barricading windows both inside and outside simultaneously. Possibly the idea of adding a few more to the outside as well wouldn't hurt.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Demonic_Kat in Need more planks to board long windows.   
    My girlfriend just looked over and mentioned that there should be more planks on the windows that go from floor to ceiling. She's right, four planks shouldn't block the light from escaping an 8' window.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to stewydeadmike in Bites only sandbox option   
    so my suggestion is to have a "bites only" transmission option in sandbox. This would be for the people who want the threat of infection to be there but don't want to get infected and die from a single scratch.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Kirrus in Transportation   
    Vehicles are a confirmed yes, and are in fact currently being worked on by the devs. AFAIK, this'll include driving, rather than a fast-transport system.
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    Some Clever Username got a reaction from CaptKaspar in Transportation   
    I said this jokingly but after awhile, i thought about it, and you know what?
    I WANT A BOAT!!!
    It would be cool to go fishing on the water in a boat and a good escape plan if your base backs up to a lake!
    Boats for everyone!
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    Some Clever Username reacted to CzarUltra in Zombie Corpses Decomposing   
    Necromancing this thread with some ideas
    I would love it if corpses would slowly decompose (and go away).
    But, decomposing corpses probably also have their own problems.
    First of all, the smell. The stench of decomposing bodies is widely regarded as one of the worst smells ever. I'm sure that would affect anybodies mood⸺ and constitution. I can imagine that decomposing corpses would cause a player to have nausea.  Going near them without a face mask and gloves could probably even make you sick. Decomposing bodies attracts pests-- Flies, maggots, rats, etc. There could be a fly buzzing sound effect and animation near corpses that are rotting to indicate this. I'd probably want to keep my food supplies away from it. Eventually there'll be nothing left but bones.  Bones I can pile up and put somewhere else. Maybe I could even take the skulls and line my fences with them... because why not?  It's the apocalypse.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to ORMtnMan in Can our player one day, evolve?...   
    Slendy is right,  when you are used to zombies, a horde of them will still be terrifying beccause it will probably mean your impending doom if you don't run very very fast.
    In the case of a single zombie, it would still be startling to suddenly see the grim visage of a zombie. I have noticed after a while my character is not continually paniced by zombies, the panic moodle still pops up for a second when I first spot one then goes away as I keep looking at it/ bashing its brains in. However, hordes still make my character "piss my pants" scared.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to RobertJohnson in Can our player one day, evolve?...   
    That's exactly the case, well explained ORMtnMan.
    Basically, you'll still be panicked as the first day because of the jumpscare of seing a zombie, I mean, no one can be used to that
    But your panick will drop faster, as you know it, you know how to fight it and will recover faster.
    Tho this won't work for hordes... Those are scary as f*ck
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    Some Clever Username reacted to nasKo in Baseball bats are way too common   
    People in Muldraugh are just hardcore fans of the Louisville Cardinals.
    Baseballbat abundance explained. Case closed.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to King jjwpenguin in Baseball bats are way too common   
    I have to disagree with them being overly common in an op fashion and i feel the stats are well balanced. They are not even metal which most of them are irl so i see no problem with them being decent weapons. They feel decently balanced besides a few minor things which could be changed. Besides a few stat differences it feels very well rounded and balanced.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Sharpened Pata in More a Joke?   
    Now, a micheal jackson zombie skin on the other hand...that would be funny.  Right up until he bit you.
    Now, easter eggs that would be nice is if they named specific survivors after pop-culture zombie things.  The walking dead, dawn of the dead, etc.  If I meet a Rick Grimes in PZ after they implement NPCs, I will laugh so hard, I'll cry.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Demonic_Kat in More a Joke?   
    I like that we can find Spiffo in the game. I collect them and put them all around my base.
    I would like to find different versions of Spiffo though! I was thinking of all the people here who use him as an icon and how many different styles he has. I would love a Fisherman Spiffo!
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    Some Clever Username reacted to nasKo in More a Joke?   
    We have quite some easter eggs in there.
    They are subtle and some are even only for the dev's amusement or a nod to the community or community members.
    Personally, I'd feel silly things like a dancing zombie kind of misplaced in the game but I'm curious what others think.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to IronCoffins in Flashlights On Guns   
    I think it would be awesome if we could craft a flashlight on are shotguns, rifles, hell even pistols. There's been many times in the dark that combat is needed, and we can't even see where were going half the time. Maybe its just me but i feel this feature would be very helpful indeed. All you would need is some duct tape, or maybe even some less durable but usable thread or twine, though that might come loose after awhile.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Aaron1snell in the start   
    hi, what if there was a mod that when you spawn ingame you actually wake up in the zombie apocalypse ? you hear glass break, guns going off, people screaming, you go outside and your neighbors are dying, killing one another . you first hand experience the start ! of course this would be when NPCs are added.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Aaron1snell in the start   
    Yeah, I typed this up when I was using a on-screen keyboard, so I didnt really add details. 
    The developers said : "There will never be a -before the outbreak- added, nor will it tell you how."
    But by waking up as the apocolypse is starting, breaks no rules. 
    If you have watched dawn of the dead, and how the zombie outbreak started then I imagine it would be similiar. 
    Neighbors, slaughtering other out of fear, of the unknown you can either try to break up fights, start some, or just run.
    The NPCs could refer to that day as "Day Zero". And if you started fights, or  broke them up could help them decide what kind of person; leader; you are. 
    Every ounce or respect, for some NPCs could be from that day. I think that would be very fun, if I do say so myself.
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    Some Clever Username got a reaction from RichCoconut in the start   
    He said that this would be when NPCs come out.
    I think this is a great idea! Your story right from the get go of the outbreak!
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    Some Clever Username reacted to hrot in Character Age   
    I think it would be only good if there was 2 option:
    1. Young 20+
    2. Old    60+
    If you pick old you get more knowledge ( more points to spend to when creating character) at cost of fitness, stamina, slower healing etc.
    So you get cheaper traits like first aid, farming, foraging, fishing, carpentry but traits like fitness, stout, athletic cost you more.
    If you pick young option then it would be without changes.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Demonic_Kat in Character Age   
    So I'm not sure if anyone's suggested this yet, I haven't seen it, but it'd be neat to be able to pick your start age when you start the game. Of course it'd exclude children, so 18+.
    Age could effect a great deal of things, running speed, learning speed, resistance to disease, even durability of skin against attack.
    Also, currently, the way the game works is that you scale up to an awesome threshold. In reality your skill and health often decline with age. I think this would be a nice balance for those who have been living for years.
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    Some Clever Username got a reaction from Kuren in Wild animals and you- who let the dogs out.   
    I knew allot of this was planned but what if you had a farm with cows and pigs, that would be awesome! Didn't think about having cattle before, interesting...
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    Some Clever Username reacted to Malaras in 12h clock?   
    Title. Would like to see this. In options or whatever.
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    Some Clever Username reacted to SillyandStrange in Suggestions from a long time Survival player   
    But this isn't what he's getting at... 
    Think about real life..  Or even the comics for TWD if you've read them.
    Eventually humanity will either die or start rebuilding.  If we die..  Game over.  If people come together to form communities and start rebuilding..  Then we're going to see people start replenishing supplies.
    We'll see people making/fixing nails/saws/hammers/axes.
    We already see an unlimited use with Farming.  You get seeds sometimes when you harvest, which continues your ability to grow the food indefinitely..
    When you run out of nails on the map, you run out of nails.  There are certain mods that allow you to melt things down and make nails out of them, but vanilla PZ doesn't currently offer a way to do that.
    Now if you're playing SP then yeah, one person probably doesn't have the knowledge for that...  But thinking in realistic terms if you are with other people, everyone will have their fortes and weaknesses.
    No need to insult the guy, he makes a valid point.
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