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  1. My opinions: 1) Sounds OK, but wouldn't it be easier to just throw a bottle or something instead of crafting a slingshot? 2) You can just break/force open windows with your hands, and unlock doors from the inside. But crowbars would make it easier, so yeah, I agree on this one. 3) It's not easy to make armour out of paper. But, I guess it would be an OK idea. 4) Yes. 5) Seems pretty good, I like it. 6) Nah. I'd rather take my time sawing logs by hand than using up fuel and making loud noises. 7) Yes. 8) I would just rely on spiked walls instead. Land mines probably aren't easy to set up if you're inexperienced, and they could go off in your face. 9) Yeah. 10) They said that they would never implement "special" zombies, but still, Fort Knox or something would be cool. 11) Why not? 12) Nah. Gasoline is hard to find, so you'd only be able to use it for short periods at a time before it runs out fuel, and what good would that be? 13) I believe they are already planning on adding this. I get how that magazine armor sounds like a dumb idea if you don't think about it, but it would definitely work. No, it's not kevlar, but you try to bite through a magazine. There also has been proof that paper armor can be sufficient protection from things like blades. As for naming a gun, Magnum and Carbine are generic terms, so I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to get approval from a gun company, if that's what you are saying. A Magnum is a term for a handgun or revolver firing a more powerful round, usually the .44 magnum round. A Carbine is any rifle with a shorter barrel than a rifle or musket.
  2. Headlight/Headlamp: Functions as a flashlight, but can be worn, so it is not as heavy. Requires batteries. Firecrackers: Can distract zombies in a large area. Night Vision Goggles: Similar to headlamp, but creates light only the player can see. ​Camouflage Clothes/Ghillie Suit: Reduces zombie's sight detection range greatly Bow & Arrow: Rare. Player gets more accurate with Bow the more they use it. Arrows can be retrieved if they hit a zombie and don't break. Airdrops: Military-grade supplies, as well as food(Like MREs) and building materials dropped occasionally. Zombies are attracted to the area due to noise.
  3. Slingshot: Used to distract Zombies Crowbar Uses: Can pry open windows and doors Magazine Armor: Crafted with magazines and duct tape. Helps prevent against bites and scratches, but parts of it can be damaged enough that it falls off. Basically works as a second layer of skin. More Clothes: T-shirts, Shorts, and Hats Spiked Walls and Boards: Damages zombies Industrial Saw: Rapidly cuts multiple logs into planks. Requires power to use. Makes loud noises. Extra Sounds: Sounds for objects, such as sinks and ovens, and for activities, such as building and sawing. Land Mines: I'm kinda torn on this idea. On one hand, it would be good at defending your base. On the other hand, it would be loud, and maybe some might feel its overpowered. Three New Guns: Rifle, Assault Carbine, and Magnum Revolver Military Base: Stronger Zombies located, as well as Zombies drop ammunition more often. Ammo, medicine, building materials, and guns can be found there. Journal: Describes and logs events every day. Portable Generator: Uses Gasoline to run. Is an alternate source of power for when power shuts off. Corpses Spread Infection: If left around for a long time, zombie corpses can get the player infected.
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