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  1. I just started a new game on the first week setting, to my utter dismay I was greeted by swaths of forests which daught the kentucky lawns. Most of the other additions seem good; however this small thing completely ruins the immersion that was so well built up. Its like someone just found an old decaying abandoned suburb, turned on the power and stacked all the refigerators and cuboards and then just left...
  2. Provided that the new difficulty settings are tweakable in the sandbox, I see this as a good idea, however I think PZ needs a proper tutorial, not something that goes over every little mechanic, but just the essentials. A way of ensuring that new players have a starting point and can build up from something rather than being dropped into a world and being forced to survive.
  3. It seems that foraging is broken in this area: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.7402531385998024,0.22741793234339086,55.206143891243606 Other than that I like the new features, I felt like such a pro applying disinfectant wipes to my wound before bandaging it.
  4. Outdoorsman make it so you don't get sick from the rain.
  5. I usually am the one to leave my friends behind, What's the worst game you ever played?
  6. Valindil


    With the decline of Radcliff, I started work on some structures not native to Kentucky. I decided to share it with the community! Image: (I'd post the images directly on here if I knew how) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxv5nvytric50sk/Castle.tbx?dl=0
  7. I wish I could say this is the first time I walked into a room and saw ninjas hacking off limbs with a saw...
  8. I'm very impressed at the speed that you building this at!
  9. No. Do you think that humans will inevitably destroy themselves?
  10. T'was a murky morning in the land of Dildondus, and everyone was Eating pancakes With forks. Suddenly a herald from the opposing kingdom of Supercalafradgelisticexpealadociousantidisestablishmentarianismfloccinaucinihilipilification, as their inferior waffles had been abducted by the mole-people. and the moles said the Supercalafradgelisticexpealadociousantidisestablishmentarianismfloccinaucinihilipilifications were next due to them not being hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia friendly. Luckily the Kingdom of Dildondus didn't give a fuck since they opposed the kingdom of Supercalafradgelisticexpealadociousantidisestablishmentarianismfloccinaucinihilipilification, nailing the herald's hat to his head and going to the pub for a quick Sex On The Beach, but it turned out the pub was a literal drinks pub, and he ended up having sex with myself, at which point I wondered, how much meth DID I smoke today? then I realised, I was Walter White which, quite frankly, explained alot... But then suddenly, the village alarm ukulele sounded! It was time for the village to dance to the Bee Gees, however one person did not dance at which point the mole people came up and said "You should be dancing...yeah" and shot him. luckily he already stashed away all is gold, which he looted in the cave of The Supercalafradgelisticexpealadociousantidisestablishmentarianismfloccinaucinihilipilification kingdom. He stole all this gold to pay off his mother, for all the pancakes she had brought for his pet sloth, which was also a alcoholic and turned out to be the great hero destined to overthrow the waffle loving mole-people
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