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  1. Valindil

    RELEASED: Build 33

    I just started a new game on the first week setting, to my utter dismay I was greeted by swaths of forests which daught the kentucky lawns. Most of the other additions seem good; however this small thing completely ruins the immersion that was so well built up. Its like someone just found an old decaying abandoned suburb, turned on the power and stacked all the refigerators and cuboards and then just left...
  2. Yes, but I had to helplessly watch as the muffins killed everybody and slowly see the townies turn on each other.
  3. This games not as fun when your the first mafia hit...
  4. Valindil

    MAFIA: Ghost Thread

    That kitten is so adorable I think it will make us forget how we burtally murdered each other!
  5. Valindil

    MAFIA: Ghost Thread

    I'm going to haunt Vladimir because he stole my little raven!
  6. Valindil

    MAFIA: Ghost Thread

    Perhaps we can haunt the players ....
  7. Valindil

    MAFIA: Ghost Thread

    This game will be over soon, I'd reckon 8-10 days.
  8. Valindil

    MAFIA: Ghost Thread

    ... Well they killed the kid,
  9. "Alas Dante, for fools cannot be reasoned with, the guilty stand out in plain sight but yet the lambs turn on each other while surrounded by wolves. Let it be known that when I'm found, throat cut in my sleep that I died knowing who killed me." Sven then bursts out of the room piping with anger silently muttering to himself.
  10. Tolu was the first to try and lynch Dante and he did so without any discussion or allowing Dante to defend his himself. This, I believe can only be attributed to the fact that he knows who to lynch because he was one of many who attacked lady penelope, there is more evidence to support lynching him then Dante, let us vote Tolu tonight and tomorrow we can see if Dante is innocent.
  11. Gentlemen, we are looking in the wrong place for clues. Look to those who are contempt at sentencing Dante to death based on a hunch, without discussion, almost as if it were a group, acting in the shadows trying to make us turn on ourselves! Let those who have voted for Dante's death taste the stick, if not for their trechery but for their insolence.
  12. Valindil

    MAFIA: Scenario and Character Sign-Up

    Name: Sven Haldralva Physical description including height & weight: Standing at only 150cm and merely 100 pounds Sven is a small and wiry child, only twelve years of age. but he shows wisdom far beyond his years, born a Savant he can fluently speak every language that passes the tongue of man and can remember and recite events to perfect detail. he wears a simple brown shirt made of leather under a green cloak. His eyes are baggy as he suffers from insomnia and his messy blonde hair is always unkept. Profession: Royal Translator History: Born into a peasant family, Sven was an outcast in both his family and his community so he took to the road traveling to the farthest reaches of the world learning as he went and surviving on public charity to survive. His life alone has left him with little in the way of social skills furthermore his isolation has left him suffering from mental illness. When he arrived at Lady Penelope's castle he was forced into the missing position of translator against his will although the promise of constant food kept him around, however now he grows weary of the current political situation and longs for the road and will take an opportunity to escape should it arise. Things you have on your person: A Small pocket knife, A canteen of water, small figurine of a raven. Some miscellaneous likes: Reading, learning, contemplating. Some miscellaneous dislikes: Social interaction, the castle, being considered a child.
  13. Provided that the new difficulty settings are tweakable in the sandbox, I see this as a good idea, however I think PZ needs a proper tutorial, not something that goes over every little mechanic, but just the essentials. A way of ensuring that new players have a starting point and can build up from something rather than being dropped into a world and being forced to survive.