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  1. I was using paint.net then did most of my troubleshooting in MS Paint. I fixed one of the colors and now its working correctly, but im still having issues with the water. The guide says water is RGB=0,138,255 and im making sure the color in my bmp is correct but it is still not working for me. The error has the same RGB as the guide and the bmp so I don't know where the issue is. Is the RGB for water in the guide correct? Edit: I am also having the same problem with Medium Grass (RGB=117,117,47). The RGB is the same in the error, guide, and bmp
  2. I am having trouble with BMP to TMX. I get an error saying that I have incorrect colors but the RGB value in the error, the .bmp, and the guide are all matching. The RGB values I am having trouble with are RGB=0,138,255 and RGB=117,117,47. The error says that I have many pixels with unknown colors (x,y=278,158 x,y=279,158 x,y=280,158...) but only two unknown RGB values.
  3. I would like to help out in this project. I am extremely good at making sprites with an existing sprite as a loose foundation. The rest is very easy for me. I can make very good sprites that contrast and stand out in the map. Great for key items. I am also good at making good transitioning shades of a color. If you are interested, I can send you some of my previous works so you can look over them.
  4. I am new to lua editing and scripting. I have made a mod adding new items, along with distribution scripts. However, I cannot make my mod work properly. It appears in the in-game mod list, but when I enable it and reload lua, it disables automatically. I think my scripting was the problem. I scripted the items in .txt, but the distribution script is in .lua. I need someone with good scripting experience who understands the language to revise my mod. If done successfully, you will be credited in my mod. E-mail me at becenti_j@hotmail.com and I will respond with the mod attached. Thank you in advance.
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