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  1. Sorry I mean the last update Anyway, do not forget to update your anti-virus
  2. Thank you guys for your work! I tried build 29 yesterday, everything works perfectly! Need a food preservation and hunting now
  3. I resisted longer than the others... for the actual moment
  4. We still have no enough info to judge anyone from Arvo's group. Let's wait until the Episode 5 comes. All questions and characters will be cleared up there.
  5. Here one guy translated it. http://www.telltalegames.com/community/discussion/77290/russian-conversation-translation/p1 I recommend!
  6. I can manage it and write a shorthand of the conversation in the end of the episode. Today or tomorrow But trust me, there was nothing interesting except the bald's accent
  7. I actually just looked up the guy who voices Arvo. His name is Michael Ark. He was born in Moscow Russia October 1st 1985. He is a native Russian. Also Arvo is not a russian name it is mainly used in Sweden,Finland and Estonia as you said.It will be great if you can find the same info about guy voices those bald tattooed ruffian with automatic rifle
  8. Season 2 episode 4 released? Damn, I've missed that!
  9. Understandable... But your ideas are very debatable.
  10. Every time I see the topics like that I remember a guy who nailed down his balls to the ground on Red Square in Moscow and called his actions "An art of protest"... If they want to call such shit as "art" let them do that and spend the millions buying that. Why not? Here in Russia we have a good proverb: the similar attracts the similar. Hope you understand what I mean
  11. I think it should be the only one hotkey called "Repeat previous action". If you want to fill ten pots with water you should fill the first one via RMB menu and then press this hotkey ninefold.
  12. Do you really think that while you search the corpse you pay your attention to the wounds it has and think how this human died, was it zombie or not? OK buddy, you have very strong nerves to look at the corpse and think about that but not about how to hold in your vomit
  13. I haven't read whole topic and don't know maybe my suggestion will be written below is already suggested by someone else, but anyway... When the character stands totally insane (at the final stage of insanity) there is a chance that the player loses control under him/her for several seconds and he/she (the character, not the player ) starts to move chaotically and use the equipped weapon like a berserk. I mean the character for example takes his baseball bat, runs to the windows and breaks them to pieces or even crashes the head of his/her friend stands nearly
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