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  1. Hi. Just wonder: how can i replace an item stats or modify scripts without needing to change original game files, so my replacements won't be affected by unavoidable updates in most cases? I want to create a separate mod (separate files) with overwriting original content (witch priority is higher: original file records or mod file records). Is this possible at this moment or planned?
  2. If you are talking about craftable "flashlight on a pillar", then use "UseDelta" parameter for torch and battery in "items.txt". Lower the value (or set it to "0" if you want non drainable batteries charge). Changes should be made on both sides (client and server), as i'm aware. For open server it would be wise to make a simple batch installer with oportunity to revert changes back to default (to avoid possible complains...).
  3. Crolf

    Build 27 MP

    Is there any chance that additional maps (Bedford Falls v2 and/or Dreadwood) are installed (mean merged...)? BTW probably have the same issues with my own server: ennormous latency spikes and black borders. Sometimes ping (ingame declared only, but not the real network) jumps to unthinkable numbers (build 27 hotfix 1 and now updated to hotfix 2) without any visible reasons (definitely it's not a connection, RAM, CPU or firewall/antivirus issue, same on localhost, lan, VPN, internet).
  4. Second this thread. Especially the "latencies" part of it. It's clear that some tweaks and/or explanations are required (thinking ... java related).
  5. It's an internet issue. If the server's upload/download can't keep up with all the info it needs to handle, I think it starts dropping stuff and never picks them back up again. You can get this error with any map, as long as your server's internet connection sucks. It has nothing to do with CPU. I would like it was so simple, but it isn't. I've already tested this probability by using client on the same computer through localhost: same issue (but this wasn't an issue from the begining as the server have a good internet connection - long monitoring and good statistics: no packet losses). As i've wrote, this happening only on Bedford Falls map (regardless of any conditions: fresh clean installation + Bedford Falls, firewall, direct ip, vpn). Other maps, including Dreadwood aren't affected at all.
  6. Some problems with this map (Bedford Falls v2) on multiplayer and zomboid build 27 #1. Don't know if this is a map issue or something else... Map chunks loading is slow and opened area (loaded chunks of map around a player) is small as well. But after some time map chunks stop loading at all (not cells, just small chunks of the map) leaving players stucked in a small map-box and nothing could be done at this point (chunks won't load anymore). It's not a ram issue, as server have lots of free ram and java not using allocated to server 8gb of ram (-Xms8192m). Meanwhile, Muldraugh and West Point cells and chunks are doing okay, it's just Bedford Falls and some changed (by Bedford Falls) Muldraugh cells have this issues.
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