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  1. hrmm... iono about random spawning in the abandoned area... i like to set up multiple base camps around the map, fortified with wooden walls so no zombies can get in. i feel like with this random spawning, i'm going to have unpleasant surprise when I just want to relax... ya know? ..
  2. Hi, In theory, I think the players should be able to completely destroy a house and everything in it (with a sledgehammer/axe/hammer). Strategically, I wanna modify the right house at the right location to my liking but the current system of destroying objects just .. sucks balls. Yes, there is zombie-apocalypse, everyone died, so stop your whining, adaptation is part of survival. BUT I think building/crafting is an essential part of PZ and I think just being able to destroy objects properly (including the floors please) will make the game so much more enjoyable... at least for me. Thank you all for your hard work. been playing for the past two weeks and I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work team PB
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