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  1. As far as I never played multiplayer, I really don't know how it works... Thanks for the hints, i'm going to look for some multyplayer mods to see how they function.
  2. As far as I know, sandbox respawn option doesn't work in the area where the player is located. New zeds respawn in other ares, so usually you won't see them if you don't travel..
  3. Hi! Thanx for the story! OK, i'll fix this. By the way, were there any hordes or just lone zeds?
  4. Hi! I agree, the sound is unnecessary here, and it becomes annoying when the time is speeding up.. As for dirt squares.. yeah, it's ugly. I fixed sounds and dirt squares in v0.3 (download here). Anyway I think I'll add something in the future instead of dirt, like some clods for example on the tile. As for spawning inside of the base, it was the idea of the mod, to make the game more risky. In fact zombies always respawn in a distance from player to reduce the risk of a sudden attack. I can increase this distance a little.
  5. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13146-theyre-crawling-out/
  6. A little funny addition. Sometimes it's not a single zed crawling out, but a little horde goes by.. (or not too little..) So don't forget to carry your favourite shotgun, just in case! Hordes can be also turned off in settings. V 0.2 is here
  7. They're Crawling Out! PZ Mod v 0.1 Killed all zombies in the area? Happy with your impenetrable fortress? Bored with living in a backwater all your life, cultivating carrots and daisies? (grim laughter) The forces of darkness have risen coprses lying for many years below ground. The dead and buried come to life. They are emerging from under the ground, crawling out, searching for the only survivor, smelling fresh meat! The deeper their grave is, the longer their way out from down below, and the stronger they are. ------------------------- Well, enough pathetics The purpose of this mod is to vary the late game a bit. After some days of gameplay (their number can be modified in settings) new zombies start to appear not far from the player. Because they can't appear out of nowhere, I've decided that they should appear from under the ground, cause it's the only place (in theory) where corpses can be found after you cleared the area (yeah, I know, it's dragged in by the head and shoulders, but .. why not?). So be careful, they can appear inside your fortress. Anyway, they can't break through house floor or asphalt road. If there's much asphalt/floor/water in the area, it would be unlikely for a zombie to find the way out. The plants also stay intact (because the soil was digged up already and no corpses were found). The time between zombie appearances can be modified in mod settings. New zombies walk towards player position. As time goes by, new zombies become more tough (this can also be turned on/off in settings). A little bonus: as the groung becomes digged up while zombie is crawling out, sometimes a worm or two can be found near.. Installation: Unpack into \Users\<Username>\Zomboid\mods\ Settings: Mod settings are kept in file "settings.ini" in mod folder. Notes: As it's my first mod and I spent only a couple of days making it, it's a bit ugly and must have some bugs. So be careful with your long-played-games. Anyway, it works for me. As i play only single player, I have no idea how it'll work in MP. As I'm using VirtualZombieManager, the zeds are not permanent. If someone could help me making them permanent on the map and/or modifying their stats (except health), that would be very much appreciated Download: Latest version v0.3 is here. Thanks: To all modders & devs, I learned a lot from their source code
  8. As for me, i like this nice blue house: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.6324825484325671,0.08854528761630252,129.94278433679202 Pretty house, not many zombies around, close to water, with a good place for fishing not far. What else do you need when the world dies? School is near, with a lot of books. I usually build looong walls connecting the house with the shed and the neighbour house. The only problem in the beginning is to find an axe, because the stores are far from here. Sometimes i'm lucky enough to find one in a corpse.. The other way is to take a trip by the seaside, passing by the gun shop, to the storage lots.
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