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    migulao got a reaction from Keshash in Operation Fix Late Game By Killing You Before You Get There   
    My best time right now is 15 days.
    Now, it's going to become 3
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    migulao got a reaction from Keshash in Burials For Survivors (NPC's)   
    I forgive you, but just because you have kenny's picture
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    migulao got a reaction from xXxFANCYCAPYBARA36xXx in The Truth Game   
    Nothing. I literally cannot get addicted to anything. I do a thing for like, 3 days, then get completely bored of it then go do something else. I guess my addiction is getting new things to not be addicted to.
    Also waiting for Metal Gear Online 3
    What is the first thing that Donald Trump's hair in this picture reminds you of?

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    migulao reacted to deprav in Kerbal Madness   
    Hehe, I'm still waiting for a few of my main mods to be updated accordingly here. I might have to wait a couple more weeks D:
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    migulao reacted to Demonic_Kat in Spam Topics   
    I came here for spam and got sexy chickens and a foxeranium...
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    migulao got a reaction from Tomwa in Spam Topics   
    ''Redecorating out kitten''
    You mean like other people redecorated this dog?

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    migulao got a reaction from deprav in Kerbal Madness   
    IT IS OUT.
    Haven't played KSP for too long, perfect chance to get back.
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    migulao reacted to Svarog in New Metalworking (spoiler) from RJ   
    It honestly looks like random wooden wall in grayscale with brightness increased a lot.

    I can't help it, I don't like the idea of metalworking at all the more I think about it. I just can't like it after all the games where I insert ore in furnace > get ingot > build metal stuff, is more durable than wood. Video games have completely ruined my perception of metalworking (Not to mention almost getting me to believe that a gold pickaxe is actually usable).

    I could get behind maybe finding/salvaging some metal from sledging a metal object and screwing it over a window/door to reinforce it but walls? I have enough suspension of disbelief problems with log walls that just stand there with no trench or support.

    I'm honestly "meh" about the whole concept and idea unless we seriously ditch even the skill magazines and make ALL of metalworking EXCLUSIVE to a profession.

    Edit: I do know they ditched ingots, I still dislike the idea of metalworking in PZ as it's being advertised.

    Edit 2: Could be that I'm seriously sick of this "gamey" progression of wood->metal->gold->whateverthefck, meteorite
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    migulao reacted to Batsphinx in Mondoid Reposts   
    A nice treat for us all this Mondoid. An update on the new animation system, along with a video that we feel really underlines just how much of an impact it will all have on PZ once it goes live. Alongside the fruits of The Secret Mission it’s a great thing to see in motion!
    First the video, then a few explanations…

    Background work featuring Martin the animator man has been ongoing for a while now, and we now have a huge library of animations for players and zombies that we’re in the process of implementing. We’ve got everything in the can from core stuff like combat and character movement, all the way to vomiting, rubbing painful body parts and swigging from bottles.
    In the recent implementation work one aspect we got working far better than expected were ‘masked animations’ and more specifically ‘upper body only’ ones. This means that we can play animations on the player’s top half (and that of the zombies) without interrupting what their feet are doing. This is proving useful for zombie attacks and player emotes – seeing them work on characters who are standing, walking, sneaking or shambling.
    Some things to note about the video:
    Please be aware that not all the zombie and clothing variants are in. You’ll probably notice a lack of ladies, and an awful lot of ‘professional’ zombie. Ladies are coming, but it’s easier to focus on one model at a time. Likewise, there’ll be a bunch more civilian zeds in the final thing, in fact ‘profession zeds’ will likely be found in/around relevant buildings and areas. We just wanted to ramp up the cool hat-wearing zombies during the testing process. Also, bear in mind that if there are any glitches visible in the video or non-synced animations then they’ll be fixed by release. The new animation system has come on a long way, and we now have what feels close to a working system. There is, however, still some work required before it could be put into internal testing. It’s not clear if this will make it into the Build 34 IWBUMS public test or not, and similarly not clear if Animation or Creative will be first out of the gate. It largely depends on how both of these go, what unforeseen problems we may hit, and which passes the finishing line first.
    We hope you agree that it’ll be awesome when it arrives though! It’s fantastic to have the animation system at the stage it’s at so that we can show off all Martin’s amazing work who, like Mash with the Secret Mission, has been working out of the spotlight for so long.
    Oh and the ‘easy set-up’ co-op is in testing. There are still a few UI things to sort out, as well as a few bugs that have cropped up, but it’s edging closer.
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    migulao got a reaction from _Gold_ in General Creativity   
    Alright, I got a bit better since last time I was here, but these are still a bit amateur-ish.
    I increased contrast on all of them for increased visibility:

    [QUICK EDIT] : Probably should have posted each of them separately instead of joining each one in a single image, but I've been at this for like half an hour, and I need to rest 
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    migulao got a reaction from CaptKaspar in Zombies shouldn't attack objects at random when they are bored   
    That's basically what I do anyway.
    If I'm bored and without anything else to do, I just repeatedly bash my head against the wall till I lose motor function. It's an instinct.
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    migulao reacted to EnigmaGrey in Start a Game on Very Early Infection   
    More so, they're not going to write an AI specifically for this. It'd be kind of a waste. :/
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    migulao got a reaction from RoboMat in General Creativity   
    Alright, I got a bit better since last time I was here, but these are still a bit amateur-ish.
    I increased contrast on all of them for increased visibility:

    [QUICK EDIT] : Probably should have posted each of them separately instead of joining each one in a single image, but I've been at this for like half an hour, and I need to rest 
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    migulao reacted to RoboMat in General Creativity   
    Haven't posted here in a while. I'm working on a new game inspired by xcom. Very little gameplay to show off as I am still trying to figure out the basic engine stuff.

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    migulao reacted to ac30fspad35 in A mod which makes some zombies bernie sanders or donald trump   
    So i went on the corrupt a wish thread on the forum games and somebody wished for more bernie sanders in their life..and somebody did this...
    can we please make a mod like this including donald trump XD
    (EthanWdp did this btw)
    Granted. Every person you know is replaced by Bernie Sanders. You wake up and your significant other is now a wrinkly, old man who won't stop talking to you about trickle-down economics.
    You enter a Starbucks, the smell of $1000 perfume ripe in the air, with a loud atmosphere of normal people talking. You sigh in relief, only to turn around and see that your barista is now Bernie Sanders. He gives you a "#feelTheBern" mug with extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-steeped tea and hands you a "Vote for Bernie 2016" pamphlet.
    The Bernening has started. You look over your shoulder and you see a group of Bernies viciously tackling and turning survivors. The sound of police sirens fills the air and floods the store with pulsating red and blue.
    Not sure whether to be relieved or afraid, you avidly watch the police cruiser. After a tense ten seconds, a Bernie Sanders opens the door and steps out.
    The customers of the restaurant you are in turn to look at you with hunger in their eyes - they have all felt the Bern. You yell in disbelief and fright before bolting off in the other direction, only to find that the doors have been sealed shut with "#SandersForPresident2016" stickers.
    Suddenly, the horde starts dissipating in two opposite directions as a holy light permeates through the room. It's Bernie Sanders. He bellows in a deep, deep voice; "Embrace the light."
    Your vision fades to black. You have felt the Bern.
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    migulao reacted to Foulmouth in The Truth Game   
    I would change the time I said "I do" .
    If you could enter the PZ world for real would you do it ?
    (Also, Howdy folks, I'm new here)
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    migulao got a reaction from Insidiousness in Survival is pretty hardcore and unfair right now   
    If the warehouse is packed with zombies (which it normally isn't for me), then you can either:
    1- Wait a few days for the zombies to go away or disperse, since that's what the helicopter and gunshot sounds are for. Zombie migration. I recommend setting up a mini safehouse near the warehouse so that you can check on it every couple of days without taking up too much of your time.
    2- Use a distraction to lure them away yourself. This might very well endager you if you're not careful, since you're basically getting a bunch of zombies to run after you and potentially (and probably) kill you. For this, Id recommend getting in close to agro a few of them, since that way you can agro the ones you want, and take their group apart 2-3 at a time. You can use forks or knifes to separate the zombies and kill them quickly. Just don't use a gun, unless you plan on attracting every single zombie on the face of the map, the planet, the solar system, and probably the cosmos.
    About the thing about killing zombies. 120 in 12 days is a lot more than you need, and as I said, is reason your baseball bats keep breaking, I mean, that's 30 zombies per bat. you should try sneaking around them instead, since going in to attack the zombies is a surefire way to get yourself killed and disarmed.
    EDIT - Oh, and, sorry I came off as patronizing. My intent was simply to give you some pointers on how to make your strategy better, either by pointing out what I find were flaws, or by adding something that would help.
    The lesson is, forks are the best zombie killers ever. Never underestimate the common fork, for one days, forks shall rule the earth.
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    migulao got a reaction from CaptKaspar in Assault Vests and Socks   
    About socks, I agree.
    About assault vests and armor, they talked about this many times, but I can't for the life of me remember if they said whether they would add armor or not. I think they might actually be undecided. Memory might just be failing me though.
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    migulao reacted to VikiDikiRUS in Poisoning Food With Bleach should be secret   
    Actualy, if you have <3lvl (or higher, idk) of cooking you can make poison-food without "poison icon"
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    migulao reacted to BayCon in These Two Games Lock You Out Of Them Forever On Death (Perma-PERMADEATH!) What Do You Think?   
    Yeah I actually wrote a list of reasons why this game would not work on a youtube trailer of it. That was actually one of the reasons I included.
    Here's what it said: 
    I wanna meet the genius (or geniuses) who came up with this idea and ask for some of what (s)he was smoking at the time. I'm going to spell out every reason why this will not work.
    1. I'm not even sure it's legal for someone selling a game for them to take it away from their paid customer. I hope you have good lawyers and a very detailed EULA Agreement.
    2. The majority of us as human beings are not stupid enough to pay 10 dollars for a product we can never play again after in- game death. Not all of us, sadly, but most of us.
    3. These developers have clearly never played any online survival game ever. An elitist heigharchy faction will rise on every server. There will be hackers. There will be idiots. There will be bullies. There will be jerks. There will also be every player's greatest enemy of all in online competition: lag and high ping (more on that later). The more toxic players will shoot and "finish off" the majority of the normal players they meet, if not all. What if the game launches and contains horrible, easily-exploitable spawns? I'll tell you what, new players will have the pleasure of watching 10 dollars get flushed down the metaphorical toilet when they are inevitably killed by a spawn-camper, and this is all in the assumption that anyone buys this stupid game. Or this permadeath thing will be used by the powerful groups to "bully" the "little guys" into doing whatever they want with the continuous threat of stealing their right to play the game. If this sounds appealing to you, I don't know what else to tell you
    4. The game's community and playerbase will die before it's even born. Do you dream of a thriving forum for the game? Dream on. People will die and leave the game forever. What happens then? Your forums (should you choose to create any for a game with such a gimmick) will be spammed constantly with topics in all caps written by people raging that they cannot play anymore because, of course, EVERYONE'S death will be unfair in their own eyes. What else will happen? Once they die, unless they are totally obsessed with this money burner and make a new Steam account to play again, people will move on, perhaps recommend that their friends stay far away from the game, and the server numbers will fall after the initial slaughters.
    5. It will not gain appropriate popularity. You know those guys who spend all day at their computer screen with headsets and microphones, yelling, swearing and laughing like idiots over a video game. No, not regular people. The guys who record themselves doing it. They're called Youtubers. They can be your greatest ally, or your most dreaded enemy. Nowadays many games get their popularity when covered by the big guys. Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and other major Youtubers are like the Oprah of the gaming world. Whatever they think about a game will be spread to 12 year olds everywhere. If just ONE of these guys has something bad to say, you can say bye bye to about 56% or more of your playerbase because the simpler  online survival games are mostly played by immature children anyway. Regular players are driven out by those kinds of people. This is all assuming that the big guys don't avoid it completely due to the "lore" of the game.
    6. "It's bad for business". It has already made you look like scamming money-grabbers. Damage has already been done to your team's name, and it will turn people away from your future productions.
    7. Circumstances out of the player's hands can lead to unfair deaths. Have you ever played a first-person shooter and your shots just didn't seem to be registering, and you look at the scoreboard to discover that your connection is screwed? Your performance probably sucked that round didn't it? Need I say more? How would you handle complicated situations of he-said-she-said? You would have to micromanage and moniter your server logs to make sure people have a fair death and deal with the ones who don't. What then?
    8. You better release this game only when it's COMPLETELY complete. There better not be any balancing issues, overpowered weapons, bad spawns, engine lag, poor optimization, game-breaking bugs or future content updates. Here's an equation for you... "One Life Only Game (problems + future content that cannot be accessed by old players) = Anger^max"
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    migulao got a reaction from PlasticandRage in The Silver Lining of NPC Delays Etc   
    The more people talk about the crowbar still not having it's texture, the more im reminded of people saying how Half Life 3 is not released yet..
    I feel like there's a joke in there somwhere...
    I got nothin'
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    migulao reacted to ethanwdp in Found an interesting radio easter egg...   
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    migulao got a reaction from EnigmaGrey in Survival is pretty hardcore and unfair right now   
    So, in short, the lesson is, play on an easier dificulty for some time, then come back to hardcore and notice that the game isn't actually unfair.
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    migulao reacted to Kajin in Survival is pretty hardcore and unfair right now   
    If you think Survival difficulty is unfair there are a whole bunch of other modes to play with varying degrees of difficulty. That's why they were included, in fact.
    When it doubt, Sandbox.
    Edited for spelling.
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    migulao reacted to Leoquent in What can we expect to have in Build 34?   
    From the Commonly Suggested Suggestions thread:
    The Big No's!
    [n]    Children or babies
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