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  1. Thanks to all of you ! I said I figured it out before but now with all the extra explanations you guys gave me I really figured it out and finally understand how things work in RoboMats Override.lua and the file I want to edit. From here on it shouldn't be much of a problem to add / overwrite the few lines of code I have. I still have muuuuuch to learn ! @RoboMat Yeah, sorry about that. Won't happen again!
  2. I just included the MP5 (+19mm ammo) and the sprite for it. Sadly, weapon sprites are very rare and I can't really create them myself so I don't think I will be able to include many... Another thing that bothers me is, that you can't change the firemode at the moment. Your weapon always shoots like a shotgun so I don't see much sense in adding new ones. It would make more sense, if we were able to add new sounds, textures and could actually modify the way weapons behave in the game. But sadly, this is not possible so, like I already said, I don't see much sense in adding new weapons atm...
  3. Sprites are working fine. I will ask Austin, if he gives me the permission to release some new weapons and sprites for them. It's a little annoying though, that you can't see any textures when the player is holding the weapon... I am not the only one with this problem, right?
  4. It's really not that hard. I will try around and add some of the weapons that are suggested in this thread. Maybe even some sprites, if I get it working.... But I just do this, because it's a nice oppertunity for me to learn a little bit more about LUA. I will probably not release anything. (Simply because I don't have the permission by Austin).
  5. magnum, it's not really hard to add weapons by yourself. Austin did most of the work, if you want a new gun simply add one with your specific settings ( copy from gunmod_items.txt), spawn it (copy & paste line from GunMod.lua, simply change the name of weapon and ammo) and set the handling (GunMod_WH.lua - you just have to change the name of your weapon and the ammo type and copy & paste the rest). Since you can't really add any custom icons or sounds it's basically just some copy&paste. Like I said, Austin did the "hard" part, you just have to modify some values to add new weapons. If you have any questions and didn't already know what I wrote here you can ask me.
  6. That sounds perfect. I looked into your Sleeping Overhaul mod but sadly I could not figure out how to overwrite functions :/. I tried it in various ways (simply copied the functions in a new .lua file and requested the original) but either my game crashes at startup or the watermelon seeds are simply not in the game... I will look into it again tomorrow but of course still appreciate any tips. Okay, I think I figured it out now. But I have a special case now and don't know how to handle it. The basics work fine, I can overwrite the functions and they are implemented in the game but how do I add a whole new function to an existing file? It can't be table.insert, because the function is huge and it seems impossible to add it like that. And I obviously can't overwrite it either since there is no "head" function I could overwrite... It's probably easier if I simply show you: I want to add this (farming_vegetableconf.lua): and those two parts: The whole thing looks like this (smallest example (farming_vegetableconf.icons)): How do I add the line above now without having to edit the official file? Thanks again ! Also for your patience, I know those are probably all stupid questions which can be resolved easily... Googled a bit but still can't figure it out... Do I have to modify the original files? Is there no other way?
  7. Hi, it's me again. I finished my Watermelon Seeds mod now and it works fine for me. Now I would like to share it.... One problem: I modified the original files because it was easier for me and I am still a newb with lua... I know that you can import lines in the original files with "table.insert" e.g. but for me that just works for the distributions... I simply can't figure out how to insert things in the other files that have to be modified. For example: farming_vegetableconf.lua contains the most important lines for the mod... The code I added looks like this (example, there is more...): How can I import this code into the file now? In a proper way I mean. It's not possible with simply using "table.insert" is it? I don't know how I could tell "table.insert" that it has to put the lines directly beneath the other .props, because there is no "head category". I hope you know what I mean, because I can not really explain it well . The problem gets even bigger with these lines of code: They contain so much I can't imagine that it is possible to insert it... How can I solve this? Thanks!
  8. Yeah, thanks, luckily I figured that out myself shortly after I posted this . Everything works well so far. I am not really sure though if the "growth time" shown in game is really accurate... I reduced the value and the menu said "Time until next phase: 17 days". I waited for about 3 days and maybe on the fifth day my plant was fully grown and I could harvest my first melons... 200 days at first seemed a lot for me aswell but I orientated those values on the times of farming plants already in game and if strawberries take about 150 days to grow I think it is just fair that melons take a little longer. They are quite precious and it would become too easy if you could harvest them too fast.
  9. Oh god, it was so obvious... I had this line in the FarmingMenu table.insert(ISFarmingMenu.cabbageSeed, item);I don't know why, probably because I copied the line before and then forgot to change it . Well, now everything looks fine, I just have to figure out now how I import the new code into the game without having to edit the actual official game files... Oh, and I would probably need someone that could test the process of growing because I won't be able to wait ~200 days to see the plant fully grown...
  10. Hi, it's basically what the title says. I implemented Watermelon seeds but when I want to plant them they appear as Cabbage seeds... I added the following files: basicFarming.lua farming_vegetableconf.lua basically just changed that value and used default potato code for lines like this: because I could not figure out what exactly "tileThuztorFarming1_potato" is... Then I created this aswell: I used the Cabbage textures here... But for testing I replaced them with carrot textures to see if this may cause the bug. That changed nothing, Watermelon Seeds are still recognized as Cabbage seeds when trying to plant them. farming_text.lua ISFarmingMenu.lua Recipe in farming.txt looks like this: recipe Open Watermelon Seed Packet { WatermelonBagSeed, Result:WatermelonSeed=50, Time:20.0, } Everything looks fine in game, the Watermelon Seeds spawn and can be opened (I of course modified SuburbsDistributions.lua and farming.txt / item.txt aswell) but like I said: When I want to place some seeds with only the watermelon seeds in my inventory I can just place cabbage seeds. The menu is fine, too. It shows the watermelon and the requirements and so on... Please tell me what I did wrong / forgot ! Thanks!
  11. Just bought the Fallout 1-2-Tactics Bundle so perfect news for me! I love Fallout and the round based combat system and if it is just two lines of code, why not ? As long as it will be similar to the Fallout system you will also fight the zombies that way.
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