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  1. When managing inventories it would be nice to be able to move stuff the same way when you pick stuff from the ground. When picking from the ground you got options to move one item, half the items or all items. This is gravely needed for using bags and main inventory as well. If you want to take just one of many similar items out of your bag to your main inventory, you always take them all unless you ''use'' it from the bag. Oh please, this would make things so much easier.
  2. And there should be a limit of losing one arm or one leg at most. Otherwise it's...
  3. But first we could use better indicators for what season it really is. It feels a bit frustrating if you cant tell the season and you might still suffer such negative effects from it. Would be a good feature after that.
  4. When storing lots of wood for building and fire I also wished something like this.. It would be nice to have a special container for logs at least if not planks.
  5. This makes me think about the inventories in Dungeon Siege and such games. Each item would require different amount of slots according to how big it is. Different shapes for items would work easily like that but personally I dunno if there's any point to it. I like the system we have. I'd also develop the system we got rather than start changing it totally.
  6. I like the idea but considering how much effort it would probably require I would rather have all other game features before this one. At later phase I think it would be really cool
  7. I don't know where your game came from, but in mine, helicopters and gunshots happen every 2 days, and it almost kills me everytime. (Note that im not complaining about that, I <3 it) I suppose I just got lucky with that. For me it feels like choppers fly around really seldom. Gunshots happen more but they are not so dangerous.
  8. I also miss this kind of feature. When you are outside looking for stuff and that helicopter manages to draw some really big pile of zombies at you, it's really exciting. Happens very rarely though. Wandering zombie hordes every now and then would be unpredictable and force you to break your routine when scavenging. You would more often have to improvise. I don't think this is too much either, only part of that reality that should be in the game.
  9. If we are given tools that make the game more like a gardening and cooking game we should also have something that compensates it. So that your generator would need constantly fuel and it would be dangerous to get it. Or windturbine should get broken at times or drag lightning or something. It sounds lame if zombies are not a danger anymore in a zombie survival game.
  10. I also think it might just flatten the athmosphere. It feels more realistic if you don't overdo it. It feels like it's really YOU trying to survive when your character doesnt talk by itself or do stuff you wouldnt do.
  11. A long time ago I was browsing internet for some sort of survival game and at some point I spotted PZ which was still in a very early phase. They had nothing playable yet, but more like a concept of the game being displayed on the website. Honestly, at that time I thought the idea of the game was really good but I never thought I would actually get to play the game. Now I rediscovered the game in steam and couldnt believe my eyes at first. Kinda like seeing some kid suddenly grown up.
  12. At the moment it feels like there isn't really a town and ''wilderness'' areas.. but more like the town and ''the trees'' 'cose there's no variation in nature. It would be nice to have those rocks and ponds and whatever in the wilderness so it would feel like it makes a difference to live in there. That in the nature there would also be different kinds of areas, like in the town area. When you look at the map there's so much of this wilderness area that has absolutely nothing but trees to it. If the developers want to make the world feel more realistic it would be good to - not only to finish the town area and npcs - but to also pay attention to this large map area that currently has no purpose for a player.
  13. ..so at the beginning if you escape a zombie by climbing to a tree, you survive 10 seconds and then bye bye? ''Dang, I knew I should have practiced my tree-hanging skill..''
  14. Narri

    Lawn Movers

    Grass cutter simulator 2014. Sorry, but this made laugh the same way as the thread about bad hygiene atracting zombies.. Gotta watch out the game doesnt start to be more about cutting the grass, tuning cars and wiping your butt than about zombie survival.
  15. Maybe it could just be done as a chat log of it's own. Same way other games have ''raid'', ''group'' and ''guild'' channels, you could have radio frequencies on your chat box once you have your radio with you and turned on. In chat log, it would announce callsigns in the message like EnigmaGray said. That would make it easy to use the radio and make it valuable because it would let you access chat rooms that you wouldnt otherwise get to... This is maybe a bit different kind of idea but does this sound any good to you guys?
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