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  1. I bet his daughter is a zombie. LOLJK its a twd reference im sorry <3
  2. I can half see that happening... Apparently only eye found that funny... Eye see you've been on reddit.
  3. Never had the money to buy any CoD games, bf3 all the way. Loved the super long range sniping which was extremely hard, and the goddamn jets which were super hard to fly. Ah, good days.
  4. Indian parliamentry elections 2014: WON BY BJP! Glad I voted for the right people. Congress been winning for the past 14-15 years, and look what it's done. So fricking happy, posting this anywhere I can.

  5. Breaking Bad obviously. We are the champions, my friend?
  6. [rant] Maybe if they start talking about NPC's on Monday's blog-posts, then it might be possible. Been about 9+ mondoid posts since any actual NPC talk."We’ll try get them to you ASAP but it’ll take as long as it takes." just doesn't cut it for my fragile heart anymore </3[/angry rant]
  7. To be honest, for a game to be trend worthy, it needs to have something innovative, which would surprise even the most hardcore of games, which PZ currently (hinthint NPC's and other thingamajigs) does not have. Zombie survival games? Done before and are still being done and probably will be milked for a very long time by big and small corporations alike. Isometric perspective? Unique and fun in it's own way, but let's be honest, with today's call of duty, first person, 360noscope, very short attention span generation it does not appeal specially to the masses. Nothing wrong in liking those types of games, but they all follow a general success formula. Fortunately, the game is still in Alpha, meaning more room for improvement, and innovation.
  8. And that everyone, is the correct answer. Not asking this specific person who might or might not be the love of my life out. Ugh puppy love. What time is it?
  9. This looks darn nice, it's like a descending Hindu God I saw on TV once. Also, got half a mind to make it into a wallpaper ;D
  10. No matter how shallow I sound, trust me, it's definitely money. Subway or weed?
  11. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=slow%20clap
  12. This would be rather cool, it could be a hidden Easter egg which could be an homage to Paperboy with piles of newspapers scattered around the map randomly and rarely. Shh devs, implement this with bicycles and never tell anyone.
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