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  1. What ever you do, don't try to give your friend 1000000 logs. It will crash his game.
  2. I renege on my 1,000 DOGE offer; considering your post is far more off-topic than mine. =b
  3. Sorry, I'll give you 1,000 DOGE to let it slide. PM me your address.
  4. How about makeshift weapons that can be crafted, like ... Lighter/Matches + Aerosol Can (e.g. hairspray) = Flamethrower (sort of). It may not kill zombies immediately, but will slow them down by catching them on fire. Or how about the ability to use a Spade to dig a moat for zombies to fall into? Then I fill the moat with gas and light them all on fire! =) Perhaps I could use the spade to dig my previous (now dead) player a grave and make him a wooden cross to mark it. I could build an entire graveyard for my former self's. lulz Which brings up a question I've had since I started playing ... why don't I ever turn into a zombie? I get bit/scratched/infected and eventually die. Why not have my now infected self become a zombie? The next time I login I can then hunt my former self down and kill it (so long as he/she is recognizable in some way). Maybe that type of zombie is stronger than other zombies to make it more of a challenge and therefore make me want to live longer so I don't have a bunch of super-zombies after me later. His/her "memory" could have that former-self zombie stalking me on the map or my last known (to it) locations. Just some thoughts.
  5. Sweet! The other day we were talking about how cool it would be to be able to do this..
  6. Great mod! I just recently installed it on my server and I'm trying to test everything out before I go live. While admin I tried to /additem a Bushmaster Carbon 15 and it's accompanying ammo. That all went fine, but I'm unable to load or reload the weapon with the ammo. I've used "R" and tried the "Reload" option in the right-click menu as well with no luck. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! EDIT : I'm sorry, I have the AE version installed and so far every weapon I've added to my inventory will not reload it's magazine no matter what I try. =/
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