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  1. UPDATE: Electricity is out, definitely, yet one of my friends had a house alarm go off - nobody else could hear it, but it still drew in a ton of zeds all the same. ... how...? Aren't those supposed to be off?
  2. That'd be around a month-ish then, and these two houses next to us have already been explored and visited by us several times - looting whatever we needed at the moment. And, we've had another incident on our street - the house right across from us has converted to a survivors house, all barricaded and packed near bursting with zeds. So that's 3 out of 5 houses directly adjacent to ours, changing within just a few days ( ~1 week) of gameplay, after around half a month from start. I've disabled fires in general in server settings already, dunno if that makes a difference. Server's paused when empty. You said, these events happen upon loading...? Like, loading the world (player connecting), or cell (player leaving and coming back)? Do they then burn - as in spontaniously combust - or appear already burned? And, is there a way to tone that stuff down a notch...? Seems like a bit too much.
  3. Do unvisited locations on the server count in, or is it only the locations that someone has been to already? Because we didn't cover much of the map yet.
  4. Sure would be noice. Also, might end up teaching someone about these stuffs and options for real life situations, which is always a plus. =D
  5. Just appear burned on return from somewhere, or when setting foot in front of our door. We've never actually seen a flame yet, but I've still disabled fire in the server settings and claimed ours as a safehouse. But I've seen a post of someone playing 6 months (ingame time) and reporting ~50% of houses being burned down. That sounds... like an issue. And judging from our own street (3 burned within few days, no electricity) and surroundings (2 other burned ones nearby) that doesn't seem like such a stretch at... IDK, just short of 1 month playtime now...? Srsly tho, no he isn't. Yes, server that pauses when empty, just us two for now, and thunderstorms yes, but we didn't actually see it happen. Also, if it was that, I'd really like that to spread out eavenly across the map, and not just stick around our 'hood specifically.
  6. That's why I said unavailable. Unavailable at the time, in that location. The main point was the power inverter, these were around! With power inverters from a hardware store, a wire and electrician 2 or 3, you could very easily build something like in the video, even in the 90s. Right? Would be a cool thing to get at least the lights up and working again.
  7. We noticed one of the houses in our 'hood having burned down, and not just one - soon it was a second one, then the one right next to us burned down while we were gone. What gives, how does that happen? It's completely random from what it looks like, and there's no water or electricity left that might cause a fire in the first place. So... how? And how do we protect our house from fires? It always happened while we were gone, offscreen. First a house down the road, then the house right to the left of ours, then the one to the right. We're surrounded by burned houses, makes me kinda uneasy...
  8. I've seen it mentioned off the side already a few times, bust most of these topics are from many years ago - now, with a vehicle parked around every 5th corner, what about... Fair warning tho, before you watch: that guy is a professional putting on an act, showing everything that can go wrong actually go wrong to raise awareness and for comedic effect, with a fair bit of swearing. =D So basically, car battery/batteries + power inverter (hardware store, gas station, ...) + wires + electrician + house = Power for simple appliances? You wouldn't power the fridge, oven or microwave with this, but anything else? Having the lights (even TV if you want to drain it faster) actually work in the whole house when you need them at night would be great already. And not forgetting to turn them off after would be important too, instead of leaving them on all day. My friend's pretty much blind in the dark apparently, while I still can see my surroundings. On that note - is there any other light source, other than the flashlight and lighter (which really doesn't do all that much)? Torches that you could maybe even swing as a weapon or put in secondary? Wood, rags, flammable stuff, lighter. Huh. Never tried to do that, but the stuff to make one would already be available... maybe you could even take a torch from a camp fire, reducing its burn time each time you do.
  9. So I take there's no setting for this...? Hm. Thought there would be, at least for aggro zeds inside player bases. Once they're inside, check for destinations to target, like they do for windows and doors (and player-placed other stuff) already. If it can be destroyed, just start doing so. That would look more realistic, and give players a chance to try and save what's important to them. 20 zeds piling around one cardboard box tends to be over quickly. Then they just stand there. If that can be done without supercomputers, that is.
  10. We've had some zeds break into our "base" lately - and we noticed them completely ignoring everything, navigating around chairs and tables, to attack a cardboard box which I got from another house and I placed in ours, in the corner. They also attacked the barricaded window from inside, and outside. Everything else was of no interest. This seems like some very artificial behavior at play here. I expected them to either just break the doors they suspect someone might be hiding behind, or just break everything in sight, the closest thing. The most interesting being player characters, the next doors that might hide them, and if the house party's up and going, they should just trash whatever's closest to them instead of homing in on that one particular cardboard box that a player once placed - ignoring all other cardboard boxes along the way, because they were there from the start. Breaking windows from the inside is a bit eh, but still somewhat fine, as long as there's noise from zeds outside. But the weird "TARGET ACQUIRED" behavior they display right now is just super weird. Is there a setting to stop them from specifically targetting stuff they have no right knowing was placed by a human -after- the outbreak...? I'm fine with them trashing the place, but random choice in what they target would be better.
  11. Update, with (somewhat) good news! Logging back in near that last house, I found the area pretty clean - I went to retrieve half of our stuff again, and, as soon as I set foot into the completely empty, and now broken down house, the burglar alarm went off... Shouldn't that have went off the first time we broke in...? Did it, perhaps, but silently? That would explain the zombies that came from all around... anyways, I hurried up and got the hell outta there, and sure enough, it was swarming in just a minute. I then used the gun I had found to lure the house party down south, out of town, and snuck around back north. We then found another house, and behold, gameplay like I remember was somewhat possible, for now. It "only" took luring the huge, huge horde away for a bit with all the risk involved in doing so... dunno how long that will last though, so we don't plan on staying too long, just getting a car up and running. My friend was pleasantly surprised at the gameplay shift, and understands now why I liked / like the game so much.
  12. I'll answer that question myself: Nitrados Webinterface doesn't work for that. It does seem to enable, but not disable admin properly. For admin accounts, there's the Admin Panel (ESC, bottom right). See attachment. See Database -> Whitelist -> Select, modify -> remove "admin" from access level -> Update. IDK if you can do that with and to your own Admin-Acc, but using a second Acc with Admin allowed me to properly disable admin for my account.
  13. How do I remove admin rights from a player? I used the player editor on the web interface of the server to grant admin rights to my character for debug purposes, then I removed them the same way - or tried to. The web interface says my character is not an admin, yet I still am ingame. /grantadmin and /removeadmin do not work. "Unknown command". Also, is there a console that can be used without having to load into the game with a client...?
  14. Doesn't happen for you...? Like, Zombies won't become magnetic once you've been in a house for a few minutes? Also, the silent window breaking seems to be on my side only... we got GoG Versions, and only my game doesn't make a sound, 70% of the time, if a window breaks right next to me. Which is pretty much game breaking... other times, the sound works just fine for me, too...
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