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  1. "Different varieties of Marijuana. Some increase the need for sleep, others will make you happier, others mitigate pain, etc.." Perhaps have a trait (+3 points) that lets you identify the strand / type of marijuana and it's affects? (-Pain, +Tired, etc) Good mod I very support +1
  2. I personally don't see why these aren't in the game, or aren't already being added/on a to-do list (Don't crucify me if they are, I haven't checked) But, that being said, +1 this should be in the game
  3. I've personally never found any weapon besides an Axe and a kitchen knife on zombies bodies. I do agree though, guns should be incredibly rare to be found on zombies, same with axes as they'd both be dropped most of the time when the zombification happens. Knives could be anywhere from stuck in the zombies voice box to in his pants, so they make a lot more sense to be carried around. Also, Axes are used as a blade weapon, so if you're not using blunt weapons this game they should still be available to you
  4. I think/hope a lot of aesthetics will be added to the forest like rocks, small creeks, etc... Things that are there for visual but don't really affect the game play And then there's also features that WOULD affect gameplay: Wilderness noise that cuts out the faint footsteps of wandering zombies, or the light moan of a nearby zed... And other things which I'm not gonna say cause right now I'm thick
  5. Name: Alex Cartty Race: Caucasian Age(18 to 40): 26 Role/Division: Field Medic Character bio: Born and raised in the cold, northern land of Canadia. At the start of the outbreak, Alex was travelling through the states on a tour of many large hospitals to speak with surgeon generals, medics who've served in wars and other people who interested him in his field of medicine. Being caught in an unfamiliar area when shit started to hit the fan, Alex panicked a bit more than was necessary and locked himself up in a small house just outside of the small town he was in. Two days into the outbre
  6. Part time murderin' - full time escaping

  7. -snip- However, i will take what you said into memory and if it comes up again by several other people, then i will consider changing. -snip- This little sentence right here is enough for me to follow this thread and 100% download this mod the day it comes out. Good customer service sir, I wish you all the best of luck and I'll continue to throw any suggestions your way!
  8. Seems like this has some very serious potential! Just a few things though: The various types of pop (sprite and whatnot) seems a bit overboard, I love immersion, depth, variety and whatnot, but different flavors of pop just seems like a bit... Much. I believe that types of food (Chips, pop, etc) should just be left as a "general item" (not specifics) Besides this (And maybe too many types of guns, it could get confusing and just be a hassle) this mod seems to have a lot of potential!
  9. Hopefully getting into D&D games again!

  10. I can just imagine it... Running into a forest to try and escape a horde after you had to use your gun for an emergency Tripping over rocks, getting whipped by branches and falling into small grooves or ditches since it's so dark
  11. -snip- I think it would be realistic. In the lonely post-apocalyptic world of Project Zomboid, you would become quite used to the near silence. The only sounds you would hear would be your own breath, the wind blowing around you, and the low moaning and groaning of zombies. The sound produced by explosive thunder claps and bellowing thunder rolls would be extra harsh on your ears and probably frighten you even more, especially if you are being chased down by a horde or holed up in the darkness of a house. The flash of lighting can also be stunning, and, if you are caught out in the dark, it
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