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  1. To be fair, I'm sure my side is full of retards, too. Spank me, daddy.
  2. As long as you set the baseline of exhaustion at ~20 zombies, it won't effect the experienced players whether they lose exhaustion killing zombies or swinging. The end effect for them is the same. Just ignore the retards that believe computer games are an elitist sport and do whatever makes the most people happy.
  3. I've played a few hours of it and I like it. It's nice to be limited by the game mechanics instead of my twitch. It used to be the only time I retreated from a massive horde of zombies was when I didn't feel like taking the time to kite them dead. Now even if I can properly manage them, the game literally forbids me from cheesing it. I like being forced to run from a sane number of zombies for once.
  4. IWBMS 30 has added some additional inputs to several of its functions. Mostly a required player value. It breaks the lua for some mods. You have to go through and make sure to plug the player into the new places. This is one of those mods.
  5. Any idea why when I updated my mod from B28 to B30, my custom evolved recipes aren't naming themselves properly anymore? Instead of casserole, the context menu displays the name, ContextMenu_EvolvedRecipe_Casserole > Tomato (10), Steak (15) And when I make the item, it names it weird now. Like, "Tomato Steak and Casserole" Where is the code change that I have to go repair?
  6. Look at it this way. You are already breaking immersion in the way that you are choosing to explain the difficulties in the tooltips. Since you're already doing that, you can name the difficulties w/e you want. You don't need the baggage of bad connotations. When the player is actually in the game, he'll forget those tooltips, but he won't forget the difficulty he is playing. Especially when he gets to the scoreboard at the end and he has a shit score on 'BEGINNER'. Do you really want to emasculate a player who only paid $20 for your game? The chance of new players shoeboxing a game based on a bad first experience is much higher for budget indie games. If you name the difficulties 'One Week After' and '8 Months After' or something, you remove the negative connotations. They do not know what those things mean because they've never played a game with those difficulty titles, so they are more likely to properly read your meta tooltips. And during the game, they won't be thinking about whether it's Beginner or Hardcore or whatever. They'll be thinking of the immersive title and be like, 'I died 19 days into the apocalypse!' or whatever.
  7. It's your call. But the class of people that play videogames are not as cerebral as the class of people that design them. You know full well that explaining the rules in text isn't going stop them from getting all hurt and angry that they failed at what they *choose to believe* is their skill level. And 'We told you so right in the text' isn't going to assuage their feelings afterwards :3 I totally understand your math nerd mentality, though. But I doubt synonyms like 'Basic' would work as a compromise. You'd be better off inventing words like you did with Sandbox and Survival. Something like, 'Day 1' or 'Dawn' or something. If this is your first time playing, play from the beginning! The zombies aren't as numerous yet and you have more time to get set up before the difficulty ramps up.
  8. Calling it beginner is a bad idea if you want them to try it first. The class of gamer that plays computer games hates playing noob difficulty. A lot of people will pick the next one up, fail horribly, then hate playing beginner b/c they feel like failures. Call it Normal or something. It's not like you have a "Hard" and "Insane" that require you to use the "Beginner" pattern anyway. Don't take the word with the worst connotation for no reason.
  9. Well, it's a little silly that you have to harvest plants or they rot. IRL, there's a long period during the season that you can leave them on the vine. If that were present, players may actually be able to survive on farming in the base game without canning mods. As it is, unless you time it properly like a math nerd, you'll end up with periods where all your food rots between harvests. I think realism that improves playability > realism that reduces playability.
  10. Yeah. I use the irrigation mod. Like I said, as long as I can mod the boring out of it IDC how realistic they want to make the base game.
  11. I mean, if you want it to be realistic, that's fine. But realistic farming without technology is massively time consuming labor, and I'm never going to farm if more than 50% of my game time is spent right-clicking farm plots and grabbing water.
  12. As long as farming remains moddable to the extent that it is, I'm happy. The default farming takes so much micromanaging that it takes all the fun out of the game.
  13. MafiaPuppet

    Mod pile

    I was going to update it this weekend. I already knew it wouldn't work until I fix it. Thanks, though.
  14. I didn't say not to explain it within the mythos. I meant trying to nerd lawyer it in real life. You missed my point. "Max Brooks compares zombies to insects and explains their behavior by the rotting of everything except the hind brain. I think this grounds zombies in a scientific way that adds verisimilitude to the mythos." is a line of argument that I feel would be persuasive. "In Max Brooks' novels, zombies function like insects. This is obviously the best kind of zombie, because obviously when a person dies and is reanimated by some kind of prion retrovirus, then their brain would rot to the extent that only their hind brain would remain functional. Biology supports me, and if you disagree you don't believe in science." is a stupid line of argument in my opinion. You can argue the subjectives of a zombie mythos, but trying to argue the objectives is something only idiots do and only idiots would be persuaded by. It's fundamentally a magical plot-device plague in a pretend world.
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