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  1. Craft Helper 1.2

    sorry guys for not replying. I stopped developing this mod becouse devs added basicly the same thing into the main game. I can reactivate this mod if you think it still has use.
  2. Craft Helper 1.2

    What is the name of second file ? The first url is supposed to lead to a file which I host ? if yes I dont really feel like doing so.
  3. Craft Helper 1.2

    adding support to your mod isnt clear enough for me can you explain it better?
  4. Craft Helper 1.2

    New version for 32.4 released. Have fun
  5. Getting java classes' values

    I also need "Name" in zombie\scripting\objects\ItemRecipe
  6. Getting java classes' values

    Thank you. Is it already on IWBUMS ?
  7. Getting java classes' values

    I was using it for getting list of items needed in evolvedrecipe (variable named "itemsList" in this class) and item which was base for whole recipe ("baseItem" in the same class) Also I need "CanStoreWater" in DrainableComboItem class
  8. Craft Helper 1.2

    I noticed. It seems like modding became pain in the ass. I will upload new version soon. It will lack few features becouse of those restrictions. edit: new version out for v32.2
  9. Getting java classes' values

    Why object:getClass():getField(name)isnt working anymore ? it worked perfectly in build 31. How to get java classes' values in build 32 ?
  10. Craft Helper 1.2

    What do you mean CF ? Can you describe your problem ? Any errors pop up in console while you click rmb on item or during game start up ?For me everything works fine so you have to provide more info. Also try to disable all mods and enable crafthelper again in menu.
  11. Craft Helper 1.2

    New version v1.5e out. I checked it out and I made fix for it. In new version crafthelper should open with hydrocraft enabled. That was still hydrocraft fault but I bypassed it
  12. Craft Helper 1.2

    what OS and version of PZ do you use? On my computer win7 and PZ 30.16 file is created correctly
  13. About the [no firespread] multiplayer servers

    "You are allowed to edit the game in any way, providing you do not edit it in such a way that it is either intentionally damaging to people's PCs, or removes the login system and enables people to play the game without purchasing." - From rules of modding in this section of forum. So I think you are allowed to release your fix even if it modifies java files.
  14. From what Brybry said I assume that it's more a cpu problem then a bandwidth problem. Unless he made client side test I'm 100% sure. Of course that doesn't mean you have to upgrade your cpu to cpu using quantum physics it's just error in writing program code and I'm sure devs will solve it.
  15. About randomness. Maybe generating some kind of seed and saving it to chunk (or somewhere else, in server settings for example) data would be answer ? When chunk data is being sent to clients they would have seed available too . Clients would update map using this seed .Every client becouse of having same seed would make same updates .