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  1. Hans A.


    At certain zoom levels the rain doesn't fill the entire screen happens both while indoors and outdoors.
  2. Hans A.

    Different verses for different deaths :P

    It's an interesting idea, I guess. I just don't see it adding much to the game. Also if we're going to have bible verses in this game I demand quotes from the Qur'an, the Torah, the Book Of Mormon, the Mahaburata, etc. Do you get where I'm going with this?
  3. Hans A.

    Translation organization

    1.Making threads is something the translators have to do themselves. 2. [*spoiler] [*/spoiler] without the * it will work 3. I don't know, there isn't really a special place, for now. And lastly: Good morning
  4. Hans A.

    Help us ! The official PZ Translation !

    You won't find them, they're not there. Pm RobertJohnson, he will get in touch with you and send you the files
  5. Hans A.


    Yeah, I like your idea!
  6. Hans A.

    Cooking Suggestions

    Now I'm not speaking on behalf of the game developers here so I cannot guarantee salads will be implemented, but I did see(and translated) mixed salad in the items.lua
  7. Hans A.


    Very funny, but I get your point. I just don't think that dwelling deeply into recreational drugs is necessary, I mean; do we need 5 kinds of booze? Personally I don't feel we do, but I realize some people may feel otherwise. Perhaps a middle ground with "light drugs" and "heavy drugs" would be fine with most of us?
  8. Hans A.


    Well drugs could be very useful for trading (same as whiskey, chocolate, and luxury items). But I don't see any reason to go that deep into different types. I think a simple item called "Drugs" would suffice.
  9. Hans A.

    Help us ! The official PZ Translation !

    I could translate it to Norwegian, if you'd want that of course EDIT: æ Æ, ø Ø, and å Å. These letters are part of the Norwegian language.
  10. Hans A.

    Your best fortress

    Not really a fortress, more like a small fortification, took a lot of work anyhow(had to run from the south end o' town all the way up to the northern warehouse for a damn hammer!). For anyone wondering this is the house location : http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.3741301886595295,0.4975352943712405,154.00000000000003 So far I've survived for 20+ days and still going. Probably going to sneak up to the police dep. soon and nab a shottie, I have 80 shells that are beggin' to be used.
  11. Hans A.

    Is Cortman Medical a good safehouse?

    I used it as a safe house, with sheet ropes on the second floor. worked pretty well.. until the horde came.