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  1. Name: Jack Thomas Age: 13 Gender: Male Role: Fighter, Scavenger, Defender Background: Jack Thomas was borne in Muldraugh, KY from a Military Family. His Mother was a pilot and his father was in the Marines. Jack was never with his family much but when he was, he was training. His father kept bugging at him to join some military group of some sort. So Jack finally found the Knox County Militia. It was enough for his father and he finally stopped bugging Jack. Finally his father started to show some love for Jack and they started to be a real family. But the the outbreak. His parents died and fought bravely as Jack cowered and fled to his militia friends hopping they would have some sort of an answer... ​P.S. Are we planning on making a server in the sear future (that is if I'm accepted)
  2. I am totally in. When do you think the server will be up and ready for action? If it is already and I'm just dumb (lol) how can i be added to the whitelist?
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