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    Hydrocraft Mod

    This mod is insanely huge. That's some dedication.
  2. Hey Jimmy! see over there, see over there? It's a rabbit. Ain't that dandy handy.
  3. Good Job Devs, keep up the good work! Mamba (A.k.A baby-black-jesus-game-wiz) approves this message.
  4. I'm not entirely sure how mods work in multiplayer. Last I remember for a mod to work in multiplayer every player had to have the mod installed. If its not working out like that then it seems it would require some additional functionality.
  5. The Project Zomboid Zombie Slavery Mod... Coming to stores near you.
  6. Yup np, I should have probably put this in the modding tools sub-forum since the idea behind it is primarily as a tool for modding (hence the script like structure). Oh well, anyone looking for a more heavy duty item spawner mod can look into Necroforge (didn't know that existed until you mentioned it). At least this one is definitely more lightweight than Necroforge.
  7. Hey there, I just ran the game with the mod to check this and I had no issue getting fish chunks from something other than fish fillets. Keep in mind that besides the fish you need a kitchen or hunting knife, cooking pot, water (in a seperate container), and canning salt. Try completely deleting the mod folder, re-downloading it, and unzipping it back into the Mods folder. Hope that helps, let me know if you still have issues.
  8. It's taking some ingredients (that is, Canning Salt, Vinegar, Pickling Spice, Water and Cooking Pot) and making it into brine (a new item). By its technicality brine is just a mix of salt, vinegar, and water used for pickling. When you cook it (in real life) it just makes sure its all well mixed. In the mod, if you have all the ingredients for making brine you'll have an uncooked pot of it. You'll need to cook it (from uncooked to cooked) to be able to use it for pickling. The brine making portion of the mod is rather simple, it just deals with the item and recipe scripts (Doesn't go into lua). Feel free to dive into the mod's code and learn from it. More specifically look at the items script (txt) file and the recipes script (txt) file. Ctrl + F to search for brine. Hope that helps / answers your question.
  9. I've been thinking about that lately, considering that pickling already has the thirst side effect it won't necessarily replace the open kettle method that gives you 2 weeks to spoil. I'll change it for the next build
  10. If that Blender 3D models/animations import/export project ever gets finished this would be pretty neat mod to make to go along with some pissing, s**ting, bathing, brushing teeth, washing hands, and washing clothes animations for RP purposes.
  11. hmm, I thought anyone who uses this mod would take that as good news. version 1.0 will only mean that the mod finally gets out of WIP to complete status. That being said I'll probably still make updates if game updates ever break the mod (though I doubt it, since build 28 this mod has pretty much worked fine). In terms of content, the core mechanisms (pickling, water bath, pressure, open kettle) are all in place so adding more canning options is pretty straightforward (you don't even have to touch the messy lua code, just edit the item and recipe scripts for the most part). Anyone that can follow some instructions can do it. So If ever requested I won't mind writing up some quick instructions for people to make their additions (add-ons) to this mod for their own use or to share with any other uses of this mod.
  12. So I've used this nifty little mod once in a while. More or less for modding testing purposes but decided to clean it up a bit and release for anyone to use and so here it is DOWNLOAD(reference last updated to Build 30.16) INSTRUCTIONS:You know how you can now write stuff onto notebooks, journals, and doodles right? Well get yourself one of them to write on and then follow this simple instructions. 1) write this line "materialistic wish granting machine activate:" This activates the mod. 2) press enter, in the second line write "=itemID,quantity-" Replace 'itemID' with the ID of an item, looks something like 'module.itemName' (e.g. Base.Axe). Then replace 'quantity' with how many units of that item you want (e.g. 1). 3) press the "OK' button and watch the magic happen as the item spawns in your inventory! Don't worry if you mess up on the second line, as long as you get the first line right something should show up in the command prompt (that runs along with the game) telling you what went wrong.P.S: the mod is case-sensitive and doesn't guess what you 'meant' to write or complete words for you, so make sure to enter everything correctly without misspelling. Here is an example: materialistic wish granting machine activate:=Base.Lollipop,1- Reference: so I made this little program that went through all the item script files of the game and stripped all the item IDs, compiling them all in a reference.txt file. You can find this text file inside the mod folder. Use this to find whatever is that you need if you not sure. I did a quick scroll through and found some hiccups here and there but for the most part is pretty useful. Use Ctrl+F to search through faster. P.S.S: you can also spawn items from any mod with this, you'll just have to know their itemIDs. For example if I wanted to spawn a quart jar from my Canning Essentials Mod I would write '=CanningEssentials.GlassQuartJar,1-'. P.S.S.S: I did make this mod with somewhat of a modder perspective so if you have no PZ modding background whatsoever and find it too difficult to use or have any suggestions, feel free to comment. And That's it, Enjoy!
  13. If only the devs would implement support for the modding community to implement and or mod the 3D models... I'd bet that there would be so much content.
  14. UPDATE: Changelog v0.8: - disabled the default canning feature that was recently implemented in the game (build 29 I believe?). i.e. the code I've added should stop the EmptyJar item from spawning in your game. Which is the core item to use any of the canning options that were implemented by the devs. So now you get to either go with the simplified version of canning that the devs have implemented or install this mod. Most of the canning options the game offered have now been integrated in this mod and those that are not will soon be making their way in along with many more options, so enjoy. - added pickling; the easiest of all canning methods, heat the brine (salt, vinegar and water) then pour on jar with vegetables and seal, done. Begins to spoil after a week though. The only downside is that since they're not fermented and aren't water processed it requires a strong brine to last longer. Therefore its very salty and acidic, making you want a cup of water after you done eating a jar of this stuff. - added pickled bell pepper as a canning option. - added pickled raddish as a canning option. - added pickled carrots as a canning option. - added pickled leek as a canning option. - added pickled cabbage as a canning option. - added pickled brocolli as a canning option. - added pickles (pickled cucumbers) as a canning option. - edited the base pickles food item that was already in-game to display as "cucumbers" and act more as any other food item that can expire and rot. - Fixed rodent, bird, fish, and rabbit canning options not requiring water. - rebalanced canned food bonuses, penalties, and hunger reduction. Now not all canning options are truly not the same. - rebalanced weights of all mod items to go along more with similar in-game item weights. Generally speaking, all mod items now weight much less. FINAL WORDS: So the mod is pretty much complete, just have a few more canning options to add, but other than that my original plans for the mod are already implemented. The next update v0.9 should be making its way when Build 31 makes its way out of IWBUMS and is finally released as a stable build. V0.9 will just have a batch of new canning options and possibly some re-balancing tweaks. The final release of this mod will most likely come when Build 32 is released. That is because according to this article published by the devs, that build will implement a learned recipes mechanism. So I'm gonna have a hack at it and try to implement that into this mod so that there are a several books lying around with canning recipes for you to learn. Furthermore, I'll be making an attempt at a long play-through with the mod to thoroughly test it out and make any final balancing tweaks. And that is all, enjoy
  15. if you're editing the item on a separate file you need to "copy the whole thing over" and make your addition like you did on the last snippet there. Avocado is a fruit btw.
  16. very nice concept, keep it up!
  17. This would be awesome, I'm all for this idea as I prefer canning with this mod over what PZ offers by default anytime. Hmm, then perhaps I should finish this mod once and for all. I thought interest had been but lost.
  18. You should be able to find them in any house kitchen or stores. You can use the jar lids box directly, no need to open the box.
  19. UPDATE:The mod, in terms of mechanics and core elements is pretty much complete. All that's left to do is add content, do some balance tweaking and some other minor things like binding this mod to your cooking skill. This version is the first batch of content with more canning options. It's also a compatibility update since now the game has a basic mechanism for vegetable canning. changelog v0.7:- added pressure canning method, gives food a preservation of 60 days. Works the same way as water bath canning, if anything less steps and its faster.- added medium rodent (squirrel and rat) meat canning - pressure canning method only.- added small rodent (mouse) meat canning - pressure canning method only.- added bird meat canning - pressure canning method only.- added fish canning, this covers all types of fish except bait fish. I might possibly make this more specific in the future such as canning each type of fish. - pressure canning method only.- added rabbit meat canning - pressure canning method only.- added boxes of "quart jars (x4)" and "pint jars (x6)", you can find these where you would expect them, kitchen, garages, stores...etc. You can open the box and take out the jars or you can use the box directly when jarring. You can also now box your jars for a small weight reduction.- modified item spawn rates for individual jars and boxes of lids to make them a tad bit more difficult to find now that boxes of jars will be streaming in and that the vanilla game now has jar lids.- changed name of "box of jar lids" to "jar lids (x6)" and "jar lids (x12)" accordingly.- removed mod's vinegar item, in the future the mod will just use the game's.- removed jar ring, now you just need a lid to jar.- removed mod's jar lid item, mod now uses the game's jar lids along with the mod's box of lids.- changed name of "open jar of strawberry jam" to just "strawberry jam". OTHER STUFF: - updated guide with new recipes and items. - updated current features section
  20. had this game in my steam library for while. Sadly I can never make it past the initial spawn area, always get killed or freeze to death, bummer. Maybe if I don't try to kill everything on sight I might make it further
  21. The problem might be that making a splint hasn't been implemented to the game yet. I've just looked through the items and recipes scripts and there doesn't seem to be any sign of splints. So its either not there or named differently.
  22. Now that the game covers the basics of canning (veggies/farmables) I'm striding off of my planned milestones with the mod and now I'm working on what the game doesn't already have implemented, such as meat and fish canning. Hopefully the mod's more realistic mechanism will still be of appeal to some. And for now the fact that it includes things you can't can in the game yet. Nonetheless I'll probably make an alternative download that disables the game's default canning, and only allows you to can through the mod's mechanism, which is more challenging and interactive (this alternative download would cover everything the game already lets you can ofc).
  23. Looking through the new scripts on canning, definitely a much simpler approach. Leaves room for this mod as a more "realistic/hardcore" alternative for food preservation for the more hardcore players out there (once finished). Glad to see a basic system of food canning is being implemented!
  24. Good point, think I'll add this in the next update. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. Once again, another good point. When I was thinking of people not knowing how to can I was thinking people in general, but considering the game world is based off rural Kentucky, the in-game characters are more likely to have an idea of how to can food. Either way the implementation of skillbooks and having the actual character "learn" how to can each food would over-complicate the mod. So I'm most likely just leaving it as you just have to find the right items and know the recipes and steps. And possibly follow the game's skill model and just require you to have certain cooking skill level to be able to can different foods. Any more feedback you can give would be great, such as if you need farming knowledge to can (are you more likely to can food if you're a farmer/gardener?). And if you actually believe certain foods are more complicated to can properly (hence the need to link it to a cooking skill).
  25. Due to lack of an administration and no time on my part this server is no longer active and will be shutting down by the end of the month.
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