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  1. I just realised this is the pleasant valley farmhouse from the long dark, but still it looks great
  2. First i wanna say sorry, if you gonna experience some bad grammar, repetive words and terrible choocing of words in this writing. Usually my favourite charter build goes like the following and yes, i always chooce the name to be Timothy Hollis: Name: Timothy Hollis Profession: Unemployed Positive Traits: Baseball player, Fit, Dextrous Negative Traits: Pacifist And because i were bored, decided to write some backstory: Timothy Hollis is a former Baseball player, born and raised in Muldraugh between years 1960 and 1982. When he finished his schools, He started travelling from town to town in hope of Becoming a professional baseball player and succeed in 1986. During his life his hopes and dreams changed and because of that, In the beginning of the 1992, he decided to take a break from the Big games, settle down and start a family, but starting one was harder than it seemed to be. Still,Taking the Break didn't mean he don't enjoy baseball anymore. He still played it as a hobby and coached the local kids who were interested in playing baseball.
  3. Been away from this server for a while now, got addicted to singleplayer... And now when i see this have mods, im totally coming back when i get out from work
  4. Hmm... Server sounds good, gonna give it a try when i have time
  5. Gonna try it qith my brother and then gonna meaby play on the server after that and try to find some guns, right now have only 9mm pistol
  6. Hydrocraft sound nice, i have not actually tried it, but caravan sound nice
  7. Just saying that my name in server is gun merchant and i have some nice stuff to trade. And just saying that anti desperant/beta blockers are pretty nice for him, because he is always panicking
  8. https://.youtube.com/watch?v=QnbvOi4SpSk Sorry posting this from mobile device
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QnbvOi4SpSk
  10. Server look nice, but i cant see anyone, but i keep playing, meaby go to check cortmans medical. And i cant wait build 33 because the creative mod, i have one little special corner shop/gunstore in my mind with hard access
  11. But just cant wait to play Finallly roleplay server.... now i can exchange all my ammo to one can of beans. Oh and where should i apawn muldraugh or west point (my english level: over 9000)
  12. Sound nice From: the one and only person who spawn to bathroom full of zombies all over again
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