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  1. Hi,i simply think that injuries like distorsions and contusions should be added to game. When i fall from first floor i would probably end up with a distorsion and not a broken legge. Also if i get hit by a bat i will have several contusions
  2. Is this server still on?I m with a little community on the server PvP Good Old Days,we intend to have an experience exaclty like you want for your server.
  3. I love the feeling of a real zombie apocalypse of this server.You can't trust anyone.Sure,you will meet friendly people who will help you out or maybe trade something useful with you.Or maybe you re gonna be shot in the head without even seeing it coming. I love this. Me and other friends are constantly playing on this but it seems quite dead. Please come play again,it's one of the best servers out there
  4. Best thread ever. Last time i died falling from a supermarket roof which i reached building stairs. Then with both broken legs a horde of zombies got me
  5. A geforce 210 running on a old style windows xp pc. In worst case scenario Zomboid will be the reason of a pc upgrade
  6. I have a specific question:if i had been bitten,than i install this mod and use "heal" command will i prevent my death?Or should i use prevent death command?I want to install this mode just to save my favorite char,will it work?
  7. i just hope that my pc will still be able to run it
  8. This TOTALLY nerd to be done,for a better graphics,better animation,better immersione,better gameplay
  9. They can.simply walking a zombie will eventually walk over a low fence
  10. I hope that also zombies will feel much more real.like falling to the ground sometime when climbing a fence or when there are too much of them in one corridor some of them could clumps on another
  11. Like also some wind blowing the trees.maybe one day
  12. I had a char survived for more than 1 year.the first day with the newest build ne went to find something useful and at the back ha round MANY zeds clumping on his barricades.so he killed them home and entered home.1 minute later an huge horde was trying to enter.so huge that ne di ed fighting,because he hadn't an emercency exit because che never needed it.lesson learned. Overall is a great system but surely nerds something more realistic and random
  13. I was simply thinking:why i can t destroy the roof of my bathroom and simply get the rain in my bathtub?
  14. In my 4 months save i have an old safehouse in ML and recetly i estabilished myself in the few shops just outside the other city,where i have anything i need. But today i've gone outside my fort to search a demolition hammer. So i found a pub (twiggy) and immediately after i open the window the alarm start to ring. I had 40+ bullets for the shotgun,a fireaxe which i can use perfectly and several bats so instead of running away i've gone to the second floor and waited thinking that i could handle it. Baaad decision. They were way toooo much and once finished the shells i tried with the axe and eventually cleaned the second floor. Bu when i tried to go down the stairs i've seen TONS of them. My only chance was to get out of the windows which i did obviusly breaking my leg. So i ran so slow when there were some just after me. I can believe i've survived . Love this game
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