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  1. I totally support this idea. It has already been suggested about a year ago: A quick multiplayer scenario is something which is still missing in PZ.
  2. Still having some problems with a blocked view in Westpoint (here) and Rosewood (here). and after barricading windows you can't see through the wall anymore. Edit: Another location with a blocked view in Westpoint.
  3. Data sets for all professions including unemployed submitted. I'm curious to see the results. Here are some questions: How likely is it to have a very lucky start (finding a baseball but + any kind of hiking bag)? How likely is it to have a very bad start (finding nothing useful at all)? Which is the best/worst starting location in terms of loot?
  4. Metalworker data set submitted. I had two houses with almost no loot. One in Rosewood with just a schoolbag and a seeds package and one in West Point with just one news paper in it. That was the lowest amount of loot I have ever found in a starting house. Might be a bug related to a certain type of kitchen counters. Both houses had those type of kitchen counters and all of them were empty. Edit: Just spawned in this house in Riverside and found nothing at all.
  5. I try to submit a set of data covering all spawn locations 3 times for each profession per week. So far Park Ranger and Engineer are done. Next profession will come next week (maybe even 2 per week during holidays). Let me know if you have any priority regarding professions.
  6. You can also set up a tent indoors and it allow you to sleep at places with no beds or other furniture. But ofc the drawback is that tents are heavy.
  7. If you build a water barrel on the roof a sink on level downstairs will supply you with water. Since a sink can already be connected with water barrels this could be also applied to washing machines.
  8. To my knowledge the only fireplace on the map is at the WP Hunting Lodge: http://map.projectzomboid.com/?desc=Survival_1xL0#0.821172734831751,0.15467078380100407,369.36914428482197 So I think it would not harm to have more of them.
  9. Has anyone screenshots of the destroyed area? I'm curious what happened elsewhere while I was playing
  10. When starting PZ there is the following line in the console: "Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 34556...." Is the number at the end of the line with a lot of digits the Steam ID I need to PM to an organiser?
  11. A dozen of dufflebags with shotguns and ammo instead of hundreds? This seems to be a dufflebag generating bug. I would not expect to find more than two if it works fine.
  12. I would love if you can add the function to rename maps similar to renaming note books. It can be hard to figure out on which map I made my personal comments if I have them in the same container.
  13. ChatNoir

    In My Garage

    What about jumping on cars? Will we have the following scene in the game? Nevertheless, good work so far. I love it
  14. Yes, especially 'Opening Hours' would be great to have as a multiplayer version.
  15. Is crafting metal furniture and structures limited to metal workers? I have a park ranger with level 3 in metallworking (leveld by disassembling) and read a magazine to get the recipe (make metall containers) but the right click menu 'metalworking' doesn't show up even though I have a full torch, mask and rods in my inventory.
  16. The new area looks quite promising and interesting but as others already said it could need some additions to make it look less empty. However, I was really disappointed not to find Dickerson Lake on the map. It would have been the perfect thing to fish in Muldraugh and it is even irl a great fishing location in Meade County.
  17. Yes I can disassemble metall things. I used it to level my metall working skill to 2 cause I started without metall working skill and had the hope that the menu show up if my skill is high enough. But I guess I should be able to craft metall walls with a skill of 2 or at least see the UI menu even if I can't craft anything here. I found a metalworking magazine (craft metall chests) but it doesn't show the menu to craft them and I have tons of pipes, metall sheets and other metall stuff. The only thing that is working for me is the barricade windows and doors thing if I have a meta
  18. Yes it is 100% full. I even tried different torches with different fill levels. But the metal working UI interface doesn't show up. I just get the context menu to barricade windows and doors.
  19. I don't get the metall working menu if I right click with propane toarch, welding mask and welding rods in main inventory. I can barricade windows with metall bars and sheets but I can't craft any walls, fences, or furniture cause of the missing menu. The wood working menu is still called "Carpentry". Also recipes learned from magazines seem not to work. I reinstalled the whole game and the IWBUMS twice and verified integrity of steam cache as well. Console and PZ starting screen says I have version 35.19 What am I doing wrong?
  20. I had this problem as well. I turned on nutrition in sandbox and no weight was shown in the character screen. But it was working as expected after I reinstalled PZ.
  21. You can lock them as well if you have the key for the door knob you used to build the door. Just destroy a door you have the key for and get the door knob. This mod helps to keep track of door knobs and keys: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14219-do-i-have-a-key-for-this-show-if-you-have-a-key-for-a-knob-in-the-tooltip-v300/#comment-177594
  22. What a great mod! Share the work instead of building it just on your own is awesome. If you also could make it possible to air-dry my towels I will love you forever
  23. Sorry if I got something wrong here, but if I understood you right you are looking for the SuburbsDistributions.lua (ProjectZomboid installation folder>media>lua>server>items). This is a wall of data that actually defines in which containers items likely spawn.
  24. You are right. Most of the weight you lose while dieting is just water. So 1g of body weight might be only worth 3 kcal. But still you get some calories in return.
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