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  1. You may only dream about work on your project, lying on the sunshine on the islands in the ocean, or you can buy tickets and make the dreams came true. This summer, our team goes to Bali to finish the game. A few words about the project Slashear is an adventure/platformer with unusual mechanics. The plot revolves around a brave boy who gets into wild adventures. During the game, our hero finds himself in different worlds, inhabited by weird creatures. You will have to deal with battles with dangerous enemies and saving the universe. The game is done in a cartoon style with bright, detailed characters. The player is a part of this cartoon, with the ability to influence the storyline! About development We've been working on the game for about a year, during which time we've written the engine and finalised the game style. To finish the game we need a small tug to bring together all the concepts and developments. So we've moved to Bali for 2 months in order to focus on development. We have rented a house there and started to work. Another reason for moving in Bali is our love for surfing and the cheap rent for the apartment. We are a small team of people who love their job and happy to share interesting working moments. Life on the island is very unusual, and especially the game development in such conditions! We want to share with you this. Therefore, we will be blogging, taking photos and video reports on the development of the island. Join our group on facebook, where you can find the latest information about the game.Add us to Instagram, which often appear moments in the life of developers.Subscribe on Twitter for the latest news. And tell your friends about us, your support is very important for Slashear to be a success.
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