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  1. Hey, I know this thread is pretty old now, but I'm still confused about the soft-reset. So far I found many topics about starting some .bat-file, but that might cause some issues. I assume there is no "easy way" of soft-reset so far. Now I'd like to ask: I do not have access to the root-server a friend of mine is hosting, but I'm administrating the Zomboid server. Is there a chance or using a command or some other way to perform a soft-reset without me accessing the root-server directly? Thank you in Advance! Oh and by soft-reset I mean: Reset world-loot and zombies. Greetings Deadpool PS: Does a softreset also reset the loot, people put into their crafted storageboxes? I guess it does!
  2. Hello dear Project Zomboid Community, Our [TRC] (sponsering the server) and [saD] (playing on the Server ) Clan-Server is now online. The difficulty settings could be called "ultra hardcore": Superhuman - Zombies extremely rare loot PVP - Shoot on Sight (but of course you can try to coop, but can you trust people in a Zomboicalypse?) Announced Soft-Resets! Language: German/English It is a german server, but everyone here is willing to speak english as well. But don't get mad, if people speak german. IP: Port: 16261 administrative contact: Deadpool (irage at stupid-and-dangerous.de)
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